Monday, June 8, 2009

This is aweful!!!!!!!!!

june 8 2009


People coming in your country,
destroying the peace of your village,
creating huge roads stinking vehicles pass,
taking your trees,
so your shelter is gone,
and the shelter of the animals that live there.

Your way of living is destroyed,
because the animals and plants that provide your food are gone.

The balance between you and nature is gone.

Local protests and protests on TV won't help.
So you take a stand.
You're going to stay in front of those
who are destroying your country for money.

The phoots that are hidden after the link I'm going to give are not nice.
They're bloody, showing violence and death.

I saw a face I often saw on TV.
He was the one who made me aware that the jungle of South America is an economic battlefield.

He was the one who made me educate my children about the fragile equilibrium between humans and nature, and that it's the duty of our generation to say "no" against economical gain at the cost of tribes and against robbing Mother Earth.

My heart cries out for the man who stood up for his rights and for the planet.
He should be a person who get's a Noble Prize.

Now his blood, and the blood of his friends and families,
is thrown around by people who just don't care.

By people who think they deserve more than others.

We're talking about recession when we have a roof over our heads and enough on the table.
We should be ashamed.

And I am.

These people stood up for nature and the next generations of all of us.
They stood up for the lung of the world.

I'm ashamed that those who did this call themselves human beings.
I'm ashamed that people consider economical goals more important than the lives of people who lived in balance with nature.

I wonder how we can stop the degeneration of humankind.
It's not only nature that loses,
it's all of us.

Here's the link. You're warned.



  1. It is truly awful, I couldn't force myself to go on after the picture of the man's badly swollen and bruised face.

  2. Mans inhumanity to man for money and riches. Greed equals destruction in all forms. I did not view the photos.


  3. That is heartbreaking. I had no idea. I pray for peace.


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