Thursday, June 11, 2009

A place to live - 4

june 11 2009

Got a mail from the social worker of my second son.

The organization where my son applied for protected living hasn't accepted him.

We'll get an appointment for a meeting in which they'll explain their motivation and help him find something else.

I know they'd rather have him at a place out of town, which is far less desired by young people because it's in a very small village somewhere out in nowhere.
He'll loose all social contacts he has.

He took the message very calm.
Yesterday I told him I didn't expect positive news, because I assumed they would have called him to invite him to tell which apartment he wants.

I myself am disappointed, both for him and the rest of the family.
We're needing more space.
Him leaving would mean that one of the boys could move to his sleepingplace, and that would create far less stress. Now both my autistic son and my son with ADHD share a room. It's the worst combination possible.

Another blow in the face.

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to be continued...

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  1. It stinks when you know what he needs but don't get it, doesn't it? I hope everything works out OK.

    Is he OK using the phone and internet? My son (14 y.o. ADHD/Asperger's) has several friends who have graduated or been moved to other schools that he keeps in contact with via phone calls and online. Maybe that would help your son keep in touch with his social contacts if he has to move to this other place.

  2. Well, it's not about keeping in contact by phone or internet.

    It's a group of young people who all have an autism spectrum disorder and who spend all their free time together since they could walk.
    They motivate each other, help each other, keep each other company when parents are out, etc etc.

    Internet can't compensate for that.

  3. I don't know a whole lot about social disorders such as this. It's good that he took the news calmly; is that perhaps a result that you told him what to expect? It seems to me (with my very limited knowledge) that the agitation is mostly based on unwanted surprises.


    P.S. Sorry if my questions have extremely basic answers (no background knowledge on the subject here) =]

  4. I hope everything works out.

  5. Yeah that's true. There's a couple particular boys that my son loves to be on the phone with a lot (sometimes it's hard to get him off!) and he's always really excited when he gets a chance to go over for a visit.


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