Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not going to the ballet performance

June 7 2009

The girls had their balletperformance yesterday.

My autistic son expressed the need to go and see them when we were talking about ordering tickets.
So when we were in town we got a ticket for him too. The girls had to make a true effort to get us a place as the performance was already sold out. But because I've danced at that stage so many times she turned and twisted things and came up with 3 tickets.

In the morning I waved the girls goodbye and in the afternoon I dressed up.
Son showered.
Then I got the bright idea to ask my 3rd son make sandwiches for us to take with us (strange time of performance). That way they both couldn't argue etc etc.

Well he told me straight in my face he wasn't going to do that.

It was right the opportunity my autistic son was waiting for.. he told he wouldn't go with me. (Dad was supposed to come after accompanying one of the other boys to a special event).

Whatever I did, I couldn't make him go.
And as I can't leave both boys together at home, especially not in that mood...

I got rid of my nice outfit, undid my hair and just went normal mom again.

I am so very angry at the moment, I can't tell.

The girls should have had their mom present.
And I should have had the chance to be proud of them.

They already have to leave so many things because of autism,
they have to deal with so many things....

I hate this ugly face of autism.

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  1. Laane,
    You fight so much for this cause, you are an inspiration to us all!!

    I wanted to say Congratulations!! You are the winner of my bracelet!! Please send me an email with your name and shipping information, and I can mail it out for you.
    my email is info(at)katscandles(dot)com

    I look forward to hearing from you, and hope this has brightened your day!!! Yay!!
    Take care,


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