Thursday, June 25, 2009

More attention for a dead person

june 26 2009

This week has been far too busy due to the death of MIL.

The father of the children went to her house a lot of time to arrange the funeral, to help his brother who has special needs, and to arrange the emptying of the house.
I did my part here. Took over his duties at home, informed the kids, wrote the eulogy, made lists and dealt with everything else, including paperwork for the kids, etc etc.

Ofcourse I sat down with my autistic son a lot of times. He got plenty of attention.

But I don't give in to his eating problems, like his dad.

This evening he was fed up with the change in routine and the lack of his favorite crisps.
He was asked once again whether he wanted to go to the funeral (in that case I would be able to go too).
Ofcourse he said "no".

It was silent for a while, but the air around him was trembling.
Something was emerging.

Then suddenly he got very angry and yelled:
"You all have more attention for a dead woman than for an autist that's alive."

At that moment the world was unaware of the death of Michael Jackson....


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