Friday, June 5, 2009

Michael Buckholtz gave autism a 30 day hunger strike

june 5 2009

I've had a very busy day, with a meeting, voting for the european union, arranging seats for the ballet performance of the girls and a lot, applying for a bank account for my trip to england, and a lot more.

Then I waited for news from Michael Buckholtz who was ending his 30 day hunger strike for autism.

I'm glad he came through it in good health. I hate it when people are on hunger strike, but he was not changing his mind when he started so I expected him to "sing it out".

The media were withholding their attention far too much.
Ten years ago it was far more easy to make them write an article. (Well at least I annoyed them well.)

But the local paper of Macon publicized an article about Michael and made a video which you'll find at the right top of their page. Here.

I'm so happy for him!

You can buy the book or donate money after the hunger strike too.
He updated his blog until day 29 here with text and videos.

Well, I'm off to sleep a bit.

Canceled the morning appointment of tomorrow...what a foresight.


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