Monday, June 15, 2009

Manic Monday #172

june 15 2009

What is the last song that was stuck in your head and how did you get rid of it?

We'll meet again of Vera Lynn.
We sang it when we parted from the family my father stayed with during WW2, and now I'm going back to England it pops-up in my mind over an over again.

I'm not doing anything to get rid of it. No need.

If you had to say what one thing in your life best represents your freedom, what would it be?

My thinking, because it's completely my own.

But apart of that it's my music at the moment and it has always been my ballet.
Wish someone would invite me to make another choreography.

If you were invited to the White House for dinner tonight, what would you wear from your current wardrobe?

Well, it depends on what is expected from me, and from what still fits me.

I love black trousers and a swirly kind of blouse/coat. It's black with a tie and die of dark blue in the lower part. It has wide sleeves. And I wear it with a beautiful blue scarf.

Ofcourse I can also wear my scottish outfit and take my smallpipes with me. (The bagpipes that are not so loud, but make a mellow sound.) But I'm not living in Scotland yet.

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