Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A lazy day, well some sort of...

june 2 2009

I decided to have an easy day today.
Yesterday was enough for a whole week. LOL!

Don't think my lazy day is as boring as yours.
It never is.

After sending the girls to school a whole house was waiting for me.
Like I'd done nothing before, the last months.

Now the laundry machine doesn't work the laundry of 8 people is piling up.
I don't think we have the money for a new one, so I have to do it all by hand.

Between twittering and washing my hands dry out terribly, and I'm sure I have to soak myself in detergent to get the overall picture again that my hands belong to my body. Mummyfying will be best.

No vacuuming thought, no folding laundry, but dropping ecards to make people notice the strike of Michael.
I've targetted some newsagencies. Maybe they want to take the story. But the plane crash is the main story today.

Quite in line with the theme of the day the mail brings an invitation for a peace conference. Wow!

But I want recognition for the hunger strike of Michael.
More people tweet about it, and some invest sincere time to bring others to awareness.

The day develops into one of those hot, humid, sticky summerdays in spring.
Some silly pidgeon is ruku-uing the whole day in one of the backgardens. He gets no answers at all.

My autistic son keeps complaining about the others.
It's a kind of stimming and it never stops.
I'd better call today a crazy day.

But then I'll get an opportunity and I jump on it with full power.
After many more mails, the wife of Larry King tells me she'll look into the hunger strike of Michael.



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