Tuesday, June 16, 2009

june 16 2009

Just a cup of coffee between work.
Within 15 minutes I'm supposed to be on my way to the next appointment.
To motivate myself I´m listening to some tango´s.

Yesterday I went with son nr 3 to hospital to have an EEG done to rule out epilepsy.
It was a pleasant experience.

The two young women who had to glue his head full with electrodes were brandnew.
Their supervisor was a woman I´ve known for many years.
So we had a pleasant conversation and when we needed to be silent we none felt awkward, but enjoyed the peace.
My son almost fell asleep, he said. But looking at his EEG he was asleep.

Afterwards we got a quick hand. A shreeking contrast between the relaxed atmosphere before.
The supervisor has her business face on.
Well, I´d already seen some developments in the EEG that indicated epilepsy, but I couldn´t see if maybe they were induced by the person behind the computer.
So we just have to wait.

Now I have to get ready to accompany him to school to get him some assistance by finding a place to work for his practical tasks.
He quit his former place.

He was completely right in doing so. The school agrees, otherwise he would have been thrown out.

This morning two new appointments slipped into my agenda.
It´s just tóó much together with caring for the kids, getting a household of 8 running.

When I´m in England I don´t need bed and breakfast, but bed and lunch.
I suppose they´ve invented it already.

(Looking for an affordable place to stay with my 23 year old son somewhere in or not too far from London, from july 15 to 20.
Please help me out!!!)


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