Saturday, June 27, 2009

High maintenance

june 27 2009

1. If you know someone who is interested in you happens to be high maintenance, are you as likely to date them anyway?

Well, it depends on what this high maintenance is about.
I'm not a slave, nor do I want to be the only one doing the work in the house. I'm doing that now, and I'm exhausted.
I also want time for myself, to do my own things.
When high maintenance means quality time, then I'm OK.
I don't mind a person with a disability, as long as he's caring and good for me too.

2. Do you get more frustrated by your home being in a state of disarray or your workplace being in a state of disarray?

My home is my workingplace. And with so many people with special needs and no help at all, ever, it's a mess at the moment.
I can't keep up with everything anymore, especially not when there are so many appointments as the last months and a funeral in between.

I have learned not to care, because that would be the source of stress any day and that's not worth it.
But I get frustrated when visitors come.

3. You decide to go to the grocery store where you don’t expect to run into anyone you know. How dressed up are you likely to get?

I'm always looking OK when I leave the house.
It's not that I run out after swapping the floor.

4. Take the quiz: Are You High Maintenance?

You Are Low Maintenance

Compared to most people, you are incredibly easy going.

To be honest, you are truly a breath of fresh air.

You are open minded about trying new things, and you're not upset when things don't work out.

You are willing to go along to get along. And your attitude helps you truly enjoy life!

Imagine, I couldn't even answer the first question because I cut my hair myself.

5. How important is it to you that the person you would date would be roughly “in your league” lookswise?

Well, I don't want him to be extreme right or discriminating in any way.
I feel strong about the hospitality of a country and I think that when we allow people to emigrate to the warm countries or to countries where they can get richer, we also should allow the fugitives and people who want to live here to do better than in their homecountry.

I can't deal with people who are intolerant.

6. Do you prefer spending more on a birthday gift for a close friend of having them spend more on a gift for you?

I always feel uneasy when I get a big present.
We don't have much to spend, so I never give something expensive.

But when I'm truly honest, I would love to get an enormous present once in my life.

I've never had a surprise party, and I think I'd love it.
And I would love a millionaire to jump in and give me the dreamvacation of my life or my own place in Scotland.

I do have my silly dreams you know. It's the little girl in me. I can't silence here.

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