Monday, June 22, 2009

Going to England... worries

june 22 2009

I'm looking forward to going to England.
After 40 years finally a dream comes true.
Ofcourse a lot has changed. But I'm sure the essence of the country has stayed the same outside the large cities.

Me and my 23 year old asperger son will arrive at july 10 before breakfast.
In the afternoon we'll check in in a, what other people consider, noisy hotel, in a 4 person bedroom my son and I have to share with a couple we barely know.
Well, there's no room for complaining because the flight and the bed until the 14th are paid.

That's the reason I'm going.
Maybe this is the last chance to go to the country I've considered my home when I was young.

I'm worried though.
With the death of the MIL, we're faced with a lot of unforeseen expenses.
Adding to that, one of the boys has broken his bicycle to such extend that he needs a new one, and my second son, the one who wants to become a photographer, needs to have an expensive camera for his studies.

I'm afraid I won't have money enough to stay a few days longer and it brings me to tears.
The images that are still in my head are not only from London, but also from outside London.
It's impossible to visit all those places again, but a little bit of hills and nature should be on the agenda.
Just to relax after 23 years taking care of autistic sons and after more than 30 years living with a partner who is autistic too and doesn't see my emotions one little small bit.

Today I started putting together the things I want to take with me.
When I see people pulling huge suitcases behind them I feel stuck in my teenage years. Well, the meds need to go now, and the size of my clothes is larger, but beyond the very basic I'm not able to see what needs to be taken with me too that requires so much space.

I was looking for a small suitcase, as handbagage, but the things are so expensive. Then I wanted a travelbag.
Now I just take one of my regular bags, put my stuff in it with a camera, my passport and extra glasses and that's it.

Before yesterday I wanted to sow a nice tote bag. But I don't have fiberfill, and it takes too much time to go to town.

So all will be very basic.

Just me and my son going to england.

Wish I could find an affordable place to stay in a nice area with hills not too far from London. I'm dreaming of staying somewhere outside London from july 15 tot 22.

Wish I would find a sponsor so I could enjoy my first vacation in 23 years just like anybody else...

Woohooo... is there a millionaire hearing me who wants to sponsor me??


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