Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Daily Ridiculous

june 5 2009

I'm convinced I can fill a whole paper with ridiculous events that took place that day.

Today I got a letter from the doctor that has to review the ability of my son to work.

It's a long story.
He works in a shop where they try to kick out all workers when they're ready for a rise in payment. Keeping their workers young means you can tell them to do whatever they want and when they talk back you just throw them out.

Not my son!

Their first try was to sack him when he came back from being very ill.
He phones me, his father confronted the management with their mistake after I asked them for the license to kill a career before it even began.

The next day he went to work.. the invitation to be seen by the doc was canceled before it was even printed.

The second time they told him in his face he was sacked both for his work and his practical part of school.
I changed the date on the letter, changed some grammatical constructions and mailed the letter, asking for a meeting.
They though mom was harmless. LOL!

They denied he was sacked. But my boy was not on the roster, didn't get payment and had no invite from the medical department of the company.
We agreed he would stay at home with sick leave because epilepsy was suspected.

This time we got a letter he was sacked.
But someone on sick leave can't be.
It comes in handy to have a computer to look up the law. LOL!

A mail and a call was enough to make clear that the law requests that a doc sees the worker first and when the worker refuses to work a license to end the working relationship can be requested.

So we got an invitation to go to the doc.
We had to be in the middle of nowhere in the center of the country at 9 in the morning.
Mean we would have to leave before the birds were singing to find us a train to take us there, during the worst hours to travel.

I tried to mail them, but the guy told me he wouldn't send my mail through, because the manager of the shop needs to inform them.
He told me to phone the manager, we couldn't reach at all for days.

I was first amazed, then angry by the bureaucracy.
He completely refused to send my mail through!!

Then the father of the kids got in touch with the manager, well, one of his assistants. The one who sacked my son...

This morning I got a letter in the mail.
The invitation of the doc.

Because of unforeseen circumstances he had to replace the appointment (of yesterday) to next tuesday at 15.30.

Some people really have a way of turning things up and down...

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  1. Sorry to hear you and your son are going through this. I hope the issue can be resolved and your son can return to work.


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