Thursday, May 14, 2009

We have to stop people like her.

may 14 2009

My second son has to deal with an autism spectrum disorder.
It's not the disorder that poses the problems, but some people life pushes on his path.

Right now we're in a rather difficult situation.
I wrote about it before:

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So this lady has decided he's not good enough for the school, without even giving him a second chance.
She's able to decide on two meetings (with other people present) and one day that he's unable to study there. She's better than a whole team of psychiatrists and psychologists and maybe we should make her head of new autism developments. (NOT!!!)

I wanted to send in a formal complaint, but the social worker of my son kindly told me that we might need that school in the future...
Ofcourse she was right... but I still feel things should be set straight.

It can't be that children and young people are treated like disposables and that those people feed their egos like vultures on these autistic human beings without being set straight.

What makes it worse is that we sensed she was not able to deal with autism and were quite open about that.
Now we're treated like we're some second or third class human beings.

We're not stupid because we have autistic children!

I think it's time schools should be able to provide certain services to autistic young people, and they should be certified to deal with autism.
There should be a system of inspection, and a special board or commission that deals with complaints about lack of autism care.

Too often I've seen teachers protected by principals when it was obvious they didn't care about the feelings of their pupils or/and that they didn't keep their promisses for simple things like writing down assignments, or checking them in the agenda.

10 days from now we're having a meeting with this woman.
Yep, it's the 25th.
But due to some strange reason it sticks in my mind as the 35th.

Right now I feel kind of lost for words.
I know there are too many things going on at the same time, too many meetings, too many forms, too many plans. And I'm too tired.

But one way or another I have to find a strategy to stop this woman of destroying the future of my son and the future of others.

It's can't be that people claim to have knowledge about autism, when it's perfectly clear they haven't.


  1. i wish you much luck in your next meeting with that woman. I hope you can get the help you need for your son and that, that woman will not be allowed to push your son aside.


  2. Do you have an Advocate? Please say you have an Advocate!


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