Friday, May 29, 2009


may 29 2009

Finally the computer is made again.
No high costs. Phew!
Just the fan.

Now I'm trying to catch up with all the mail and stuff.
Lots of autism questions again.
That's good. I didn't start the new autism organization for nothing.

It was great to find a mail from an old friend. I'm looking forward to the update on her life.

I've finished the paperwork for the boys.
Pfff, what a piles!
Each and every organization, board and commission needs the same content, wrought into different answers to different questions.

One even refused to take the files without me filling in a stupid questionaire.
How do you feel about questions for a 20 year old like: is he potty trained? Ugh!

When all goes well, son 2 will move out within 6 weeks, and so will his clutter.
I'm quite happy to hand him all his clothes for the last time and clean the empty space he'll leave.

My autistic son will be entering a new life soon too.
His paperwork is gone for the last signature and then it'll be reviewed by a board.
I think it's just a formal decision that needs to be taken and then he'll go for a couple of days to daycare. It's a kind of working environment.
I sure hope he'll enjoy it, because we all need a bit of space to be ourselves.

I'm now looking forward to my first vacation in 23 years.
July the 10th I'll arrive in London. Before breakfast, so my agenda is open for invitations from that moment on.
We don't know when we'll go back. It's that the girls stay at home, otherwise I wouldn't go back at all. LOL!

Well, we're rather serious about wanting to move to Scotland or somewhere else in Great Britain, so when you can advice us, please do so.

Right now I'm looking for a bag of 50x40x20 cm.
Maybe I should make one myself.

Ah, the girls are here.


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