Sunday, May 3, 2009

to some commenters

may 3 2009

The attack on the Royal Family is part of every conversation.
I still see the images of people flying in a free fall, hitting the pavement. The knowledge that the person I saw fall died, despite resuscitation, doesn't help.

I still see the child flying through the air.
Her hair drifting on the wind.
She bumped on the street so hard that she went up in the air again.

I've seen it happen on TV, and I'm deeply shocked.
Those who saw it happen have even worse images burned in their mind.
Lots of children were present. Waving to the Royal Family when a car threw them around.
Others saw it happen in the middle of the most festive day in the country.

Thank you all who reacted with compassion and care.

The reactions of some american people have been plain rude.

I know it's not 9-11.

I didn't know there is a kind of competition in seeing people hurt and die.
(2 of my babies you!)

Grief and pain can't be measured, and who are you to belittle the experiences of other people?
Oh, I forgot you're always on top of the charts.

Well, you don't have a Queen and you don't have a Royal Family.

So how can you judge the impact of what happened on Queensday here?

I'm not the only one who got insensitive reactions.

All I can hope is that this will never happen to you.


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