Monday, May 4, 2009

Remembrance day and a meeting

may 4 2009

It's remembrance day.

When you want to know more about it: see here.

This year remembrance day will be heavier than ever.
6 people were killed at Queensday. (the murderer died too, making 7)

It's like the weather has adjusted itself to the occassion: it's clouded. Nothing abundant.

This afternoon my autistic son will be visiting his social worker for the first time.
He's a bit nervous about it.
He shouldn't be.
She's a nice woman who will try to do whatever she can.

As always I'm cheerful on the outside,
but too often before we've had problems making him go with us.

Already he has refused to shower. It's not a huge problem as he showered yesterday (and he'll wash with a cloth), but one never knows if this is only his aversion against water speaking, or if he's going to refuse to go with us.

Refusal always comes at the last moment, meaning we'll miss the bus.
So often I start making preparations far from the time we have to go.

After managing everything for and with him for 16 full years, it feels strange to hand some things over to someone else.

I know I need to.

Some weeks I spend my days like someone who's working for an income.
Answering calls, one-to-one learning my son some skills other kids learn by breathing, attending meetings, filling in forms.

I've taped a paper at the top of my agenda with a list of meetings I still have to schedule.
Only things are added, it seems.

I'm off to get his trousers and other things and put them on the couch.
That we he can't hide his belt, tell me he has nothing to wear, and forget to dress himself.

Let's hope today will be another step towards a better life.
Less stressfull that means...

In a corner of my mind I still feel the need to meet people who have known my father when he served in the RAF in England.
Can't postpone looking for them, as so many have gone already.

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