Tuesday, May 5, 2009

remembrance day 2009

may 4 2009

It's remembrance day.

When you want to know more about it: see here.

I've always taught the children the importance of learning from the lessons of history.
It's something that needs to be taught.
So many people in this world think they can solve problems by using force, but never in history lasting peace has been achieved by using war.

So many young people have lost their lives.
We're not living in a country where the word "hero" is used often.
No need to make death nicer than it is: the loss of a beloved one by force.

The town I live has been front city in WW2.
There are many war cemeteries and they're all well cared for.
Today open air services were held, schoolchildren laid flowers on the graves.
At a place nearby a short service was held at an empty field where a Lancaster crashed.
As a special salute the last flying Lancaster gave a fly past (and a fly around).

My father has flown in a Lancaster as a flying engineer, and one of my sons is very interested.
It's a pity dad has died so many years ago.
We're trying to find his army friends... but until now we haven't found one.

My son went to see the Lancaster and tried to get it on video.
He thought he didn't do well, but when I saw what the cameraman from the national news TV shot, I was very proud of my son.

Thanks NOS

At 20.00 hours the country was silent for 2 minutes.

Before it was time, we all came together in the living room. Even the boys we didn't call.
We listened to the speeches and saw the Queen and the crownprince and his wife enter the remembrance service.
When the mayor said we were happy the Queen was present, a warm applause sounded. She has been through such a terrible time. (6 people died when a man raced a car into the crowds trying to hit the bus with the royal family. The guy died too.) We all were aware of the fear she must feel, appearing in public at such a place.

Speech Mayor Cohen

The service was beautiful.

At 20.00 hours the country was silent.
A car stopped one minute before and the guy just waited before he started driving again.

This is how we, Dutch people, remember those who lost their lives in war and peace missions.
From generation to generation we will remember those who fought aside our own soldiers to free our country in WW2.

Thank you.

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