Friday, May 8, 2009

Need a fairy

May 8 2009

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fairy on our shoulder singing favorite songs all day long?

I could tell my son to listen to his fairy, escaping responsibility for a while.

Waiting for the phone yesterday, to hear the decision of the country representative, didn't bring nothing but stress. No call.

Ofcourse I had enough to do, but I did a lot that was not important at all.
I should have written an account of what I've done with my autistic son the last year.
Ofcourse it's already written down. But to prepare it for his psychiatrist and others who want to file it... I was completely blocked. Still am.

I wish I could have some time for myself.
Just me.
Well, me and my fairy ofcourse. LOL!

In a movie they would zoom out, or move to the window, to see the trees move in the wind.

In real life problems are piling up faster than I can solve them.

B3, son number 3, (the one with ADHD and dyslexia) has decided to stop with his study.
I can understand him, but I don't agree with him.

The past year he's showing more and more autistic features.
At home it's not very visible, but when I see him dealing with other people and see him dealing with the problems at school, it's so obvious we need a new diagnosis.

My agenda is almost full the next weeks. Most appointments are unpleasant.
It's all problemsolving and making people understand what autism means.
I don't mind telling people, but I do mind that I have to convince people who tell me they know all about autism. (Which is impossible, so I know they tell me the opposite. LOL!)

On top of it all the mailman brought a letter telling me that I should be available next tuesday morning at 7.30 because they want to put a new window at the attic.

No way!

I have to cancel appointments, prepare my autistic son, etc etc.
Should I spend mothersday at the attic moving all stuff I put there when the heatingcontroler came?
No way!

We waited 20 years for that small window.
After asking the home owner 25 times we stopped asking.
We sealed it and put a perspex window in front of it against the leaking.

So I called the guy who first told me other people got the letter a few days ago,
then told me more people had called because there wasn't enough time to arrange things,
then listened to me and agreed he would look for a solution and mail me what he wanted to do.
So I've send him the days I'm available, and he has to choose between those two or plan it between his job in another neighbourhood.

After the call and sending the mail I started to pick up the things my son has thrown around during his meltdown this afternoon. (He should do it himself, I know.)
He was angry the girls didn't want to sit with him.

Now he's asleep...
He stressed too about what his future will be.
He's dependent upon that one decision, made by people with huge ego's.

Peope who need more than one fairy on their shoulder. LOL!

Thanks Jaimy for the fairy.

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  1. When my kids were little, I had them convinced that we had fairies.

    When the light streams in the window in the late afternoon, and hits the face of your watch, you can dance the little light all around.

    They loved it.

    Then they grew up and took physics. Darn.


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