Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day 2009

may 10 2009

He slammed the door behind him and then used the stairs with his feet like heavy drums.

My start of mother's day.

Some people don't want to hear the problems families with autistic kids experience.

Oh, I do love my kids, but at times I don't like their behaviour.

Especially not when they pull me from the pink clouds advertisers have created for mother's day. (one cloud is not enough anymore...LOL!)

I imagine all mothers of the world sweetly sleeping, dreaming from roses and love, under satin sheets. Sleeping in, until they're awaking because their stomachs make awful noises, or their kids wake them with smiles and a tray with orange juice and a healthy breakfast.

I shot out of bed like a torpedo, trying to be as calm and smiling as Doris Day, ofcourse not as good looking with my red and grey hair reaching out to all sides of the universe.
Ofcourse he complained, ofcourse I got an angry shout about something that had nothing to do with me, and ofcourse I had to repress feelings of self pity.
The thought that all those moms have to sleep in a bed with breadcrumbs tonight helped a lot.

Getting used to a different sunday is quite a job for some autistic kids.
All the toodoo with gifts, kisses, and deciding who's the first one to give a present.

I got a slice from an agathe from the girls.
A lovely present.
The boys gave chocolate, which can be interpreted in a certain way...I'm a diabetic.
Either the message was in line with what I was told earlier this morning (He said I'd better leave because he could do without me) or it was supposed to be a gift from me to them.
By lunchtime the box was half empty. LOL!

Slowly the boys came to rest and the sun entered the room.

Then dad had a go at ruining mothersday.
He's the only one who thinks people don't realize he's got an autism spectrum disorder too.
Usually he tries to leave the house on sunday afternoons to go to read somewhere.
Now he was at home.
He has more difficulties with a change of routine in the weekend than the boys.

Dinner was served as chaotic as could be.
By that time my bloodpressure was as high as the temperature of the soup.

By the time it was coffeetime the box of chocolates was empty, the chocolate had done it's work and all felt OK and I could lean back and watch my favorite program.

Tomorrow a very busy and stressful week starts.
But now I'm off to bed.


  1. It must be a conspiracy from the boys; they were buying gift for themselves. :P

    Did you even have a piece of the chocolate? :)

  2. Sounds like one heck of a Mothers Day!

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