Tuesday, May 19, 2009

just another day....ugh!

may 19 2008

Yesterday evening I had to fill in more paperwork for son2.
Again the same information, but ordered in another way.
Added to it questions which invaded my privacy as a parent, and some questions which are acceptable when a child goes to live in a psychiatric facility, but not for a young man of 20 who wants to live on his own with minimal special support.

Something snapped and I wrote a letter on top of the form stating that not only it was for the so-maniest time the same information, but in yet another different order and that I referred them kindly to the file of my son.
Told them about the invasion of privacy of the parents and that I was not willing to fill in paperwork that was clearly for a psychiatric institution. A place my son isn't going.

After attaching the whole lot to a mail I hit the button "send".

This morning we were on our way rather early.
This time for son3 who had problems at his job practice.
He told me he wanted to stop studying, and I was not happy with that decision.
So I called in the troops for a meeting.

The guy who waited for us was a former inhabitant of the neighbourhood.
So we talked atticwindows and new neighbours, before we slowly and gracefully manipulated my son to staying at the same department, to stop with that jobpractice and to find another place for his practical work.
We went on our way out with a better feeling than coming in.

I spotted a little shop in school.
It's where students of the bakery department sell their products.
We took a little something for every child and pushed our noses to the sun on our way home.

These are the moments to realize that life isn't a complete slaughterhouse that only differs from hell because the roads here are covered with stone.

I didn't know then that there was only one cup of coffee between this wonderful sunny spring morning and another problem because people just fail to leave their ego's in a deep hole in the ground.

An envelope fell behind the door when I was thinking to make a second cuppa before throwing myself into the huge pile of laundry.(I know, it sounds kind of descriptive, but it's the way I feel).

It was from the topmanager of the shop we'd been talking about.
This time it was about his normal job.
He's on special leave because he will be examined by the neurologist because he experienced some episodes that might be epilepsy. And the assistant manager agreed to that.
Well the topmanager didn't get the right information.

My son was summoned to visit the arrogant guy to tell why he was not working. Within 3 working days. Otherwise he would be sacked.

The tone of the mail was so intensely...eh...disrespectful, that I was reading legal stuff before I even realize the doorbell rang.
It was the mailman with the same letter, but this time registered. Ugh.

Quite fast I wrote a good letter, pointing out the guy's mistake, and wrote an additional letter to the national management of the concern, asking them to review the shops internal communication, etc etc.

I had to do this, because last time he lied to me and he knew I knew. So I told him that no other mistake or lack of decency towards my son would be permitted. That I would inform central management.
So I did.

I was in the right spirit to write a lot of other letters that needed to be done.
Including one to set a mistake straight in one of the boys files.
In between the laundry got a place in the wind, and some other chores were done.
By the time it was time to start cooking I felt like I was run down by a bulldozer.

His majesty called. The father of the children, living in his own world of wishes, completely unaware that other people have a life too.
He wanted me to bring the phone to my autistic son.
At the time I had the phone between my shoulder and jaw, was watching the potatoes and other stuff on the furnace and had two hands almost glued to the ice in the freezer in an attempt to grasp a few packages of spinach and red cabbage.

So I asked one of the girls.

When she came downstairs she fell and badly hit her arm.
That means, it rubbed during her fall, so firm against the carpet of the stairs that her whole lower arm was one red scraped injury.

I helped her to put the arm under the cool water, but soon after she stopped blisters appeared and one after another they burst open.
She always helps people out, and now she was in pain because her father needed his own wishes granted instead of taking into account that it was the busiest time of the day.

Before going to bed we put a sterile wrapping on it.
Cut the foot of an old and sterilised long sock and put that over it to keep the sterile pad in place.
It was a red sock, good enough for a smile and some fun.

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  1. ((Hugs)) to you and Boos to the people in your life who are consistent stumbling blocks. Thank you for sharing your journey. You sound like a really good mom. :)


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