Sunday, May 3, 2009

forms and forms and eh....forms

may 3 2009

I have an inborn error: I hate forms.

It was triggered some years ago when I wanted my sons diagnosed.

It seemed to be an easy step.
I knew what was the matter with my sons, all what I needed was a psychiatrist to confirm it.


Not only the psychiatrist was involved, but a whole team of psychologists and psychiatrists in training.

Before we were able to place one careful step in the building, we got a large envelope with forms, questionnaires, tests and other compilations of questions.

It was clear my child was kind of home tested by means of my answers.
I found at least three tests that tested about the same, some questions returned 3 to 5 times in the same words.
After a huge amount of time during 5 days the whole pile of paper was finished.
The interviews were not as boring and not as bad.

When we finally had the diagnosis, it turned out we needed other forms to apply for help.

Because the law had changed no one knew how to help us.
The former organisation wasn't able to help us any more. And the new one didn't know they were responsible now the law had changed.

Long weeks of waiting and plenty of calls resulted in: forms.

They were long, boring, and sometimes it was not even clear what they wanted to know.

This week I needed to fill in the same forms.

I downloaded them and started to go through the same boring sequence: name, address, number here and number there....

I have 4 kids on the spectrum...


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