Tuesday, May 19, 2009


may 19 2009

Well, well, well, finally the news came in that the council representative agreed that my son doesn't go to school the next 6 months to 12 months.

I got the news from the social worker of my son, who called her.

After all those years of struggling it didn't feel as a triumpf at all.
I didn't even feel that justice was done.

I just felt extremely tired, and I felt disgust.
We could have had this permission a complete year ago.

She's put us under extreme pressure, made us fight against things we shouldn't have dealt with.

Well, the paperwork was finished this weekend, so all we need is to get the financial matters dealt with.
The place he's going to is a combination of daycare and work.
It's a place where coffee is burned, wrapped and sold, and there's a coffee restaurant, where people can try different kinds of coffee with bread or applepie and such.

Many people who work there have down syndrome.
I don't know if there are people with autism.
It just doesn't matter.
My son is almost 17, but he's functioning at a level of a 12 year old.
I think he'll feel safe there, cared for, and after adjusting he will enjoy himself.

It's time for positive feelings.

Suddenly had to sing this:



  1. I too hope that your son will enjoy himself at the new place.

  2. Well done! Recently, I spoke with a woman who has been working with children on the spectrum for 30 years. She said that when children are little, educational planning sessions include as many as 30 people, because parents are so desperate to 'fix' their children. Over time, the child develops as best as he can, with the supports that he needs. By the time the child reaches his teens, parents typically have a better picture of their child's capabilities. The focus then becomes providing him what he needs based upon his interests and skills.


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