Saturday, May 2, 2009

the continuing story - an invitation for another meeting

may 2 2009

Yesterday I got a letter from the council representative, considering my autistic son (classical autism) of 16.

She wants to see me at may 7th to answer my questions and discuss the matter. (About sending him to a school for hearing impaired children).
Maybe she still thinks she can break the law for this school. Which states that only children who have speech and language problems can go to the autistic class there.

I'm OK with her wanting to answer my questions, but she also wrote that she has the right to hear me, suggesting this is a kind of courthearing/policehearing.
The whole way it was put was kind of intimidating.

Knowing her, I get the feeling this invitation is not to answer my questions, but to put pressure on me to force myself through all the rules and laws to get him a place at a school where he doesn't belong.
It's a better proposition than the school for kids with acting out behaviour, but still not what he needs to prepare himself for the future.

I have so much on my plate at the moment, that I feel it's too much to get into another fight.

My autistic son needs to go to the place we have found him.
The centre for people with special needs, where he is prepared for a future using his own abilities and where he gets full support from people who really care.
That's what he needs.



  1. You have the legal right to invite anyone you want to any meeting that discusses your son and his disability and education. Find someone to advocate for you or at least a parent you know knows his/her stuff. And stick to your guns!

  2. Well, that's a right here in the states, anyway. I hope you have it, too.


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