Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The continuing history ...turn for the better?

may 5 2009

Is the end of a terrible time finally coming in sight?

It's clear my autistic son won't be able to go to the school for hearing impaired and deaf children.
His communicative skills are far too good for that, even when they're within the limits of autism.

The brochure of the school states it clearly: he should be impaired in language skills quite a lot, beside being autistic.

Apart from that: bringing him into a schoolsituation once again would probably create the same problems again.

He needs to work on his self esteem, on trusting grown-ups, on social development.
When you're not able to use your intelligence, a high IQ means nothing.

I'm quite "passionate" when the council representatives are involved.
They have put us under so much pressure during more than a year now, without really listening to his needs and his abilities.

I think it's good that kids are forced to go to school when they roam the streets and hang around.
But when a child just can't keep up with school because of a handicap, and there's no place where people are able to deal with that handicap, on should look what's best.

We're not talking about second best, we're talking about best.

When his social worker saw how stressed I was about the new meeting, we agreed I should cancel it.

When she saw the letter I received, with "be aware we are certified to hear you", she told me she would get in contact and try to settle the matter for once and for all.

I can only hope and pray the council representatives will see how much effort we have done to keep our son in the educational system and to find a school.
Ofcourse I wish they will also realize what pressure they have put on us, but I don't expect they will. When people are convinced they are right, they tend to forget how others feel.

In the end there's only one thing that counts.
They need to step back and give our son the chance to go to the special facility where he can learn to work on skills he needs in order to find a place and a (protected) job in society.

It's a coffee restaurant, with a little shop.
People can walk in and drink a cuppa, or they can have a party, high tea, or a tasting session.
Coffee is burned there and wrapped.

So there are plenty of different things to do.
Some surroundings are real life, like the restaurant.
And some are very quiet, like the wrapping department.
Plenty of dedicated care workers are available to guide each step.

We've been there last week, and our son will be accepted there.
In fact, there's a place free for him.

I'm off to do more paperwork.



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