Thursday, May 14, 2009

asparagus and salmom

may 14 2009

Rinse the asparagus and break off the hard pieces.

You can boil or steam them, or even bake them.

One way is to keep the soft end out of the water and steam them while the rest is boiling.

Ofcourse you can just boil them,
put them on a dish and cover them with ham and boiled eggs.
A drip of olive oil or, as I like it best, with real fresh hot creamy butter, will bring the dish up to taste.
Some prefer wine, white wine.

Some people like blanching the asparagus. Immediately after cooking you have to cover them with fresh iced water, so they keep crispy.
Slice them and make a salad with them with lettucce, tomatoes, and fresh salmon. Some love fresh apple through the dish.

When you want a nice look,
slice carrots in long pieces and cook them until they're just a bit soft.

Use a long plate and serve one asparagus, one slice of carrot, one slice of salmon, repeat it until you have a nice pattern.
You can use long beans cross the dish and make it into a piece of art.

Oh, and did you know that you can roast your asparagus? Dip them into a bit of seasoned olive oil and put them for about 10 to 15 minutes into a 450 degree oven.

I myself don't like steamed salmon, because when steamed certain enzymes get active which mess up my metabolism (I have a certain amino acid disease), but when you do, don't just steam them like floortiles.
Take aluminiumfoil or a steambasked with baking paper at the bottom and put beside the salmon slices of lemon, cherry tomatoes and sliced bacon in the package or basket.

When you're more of an experimenter with food, take the salmon in thin slices and put them flat on a plate. Put in the middle a mixture of cheddar or a spicy old cheese, and creamcheese and roll it up.

Or try spiced rice in the middle.



  1. This sounds quite nice! I've never had steamed salmon so probably won't go there -- I prefer mine baked or grilled with lemon and garlic.

    I do like your suggestions for the asparagus.

    And your suggested serving seems like they would be quite lovely to look at. I wish you had included some photos of a dish.

  2. Now you really made me hungry :o) It's lunch time here!


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