Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip to London?

april 20 2009

The oldest has to go to a convention or something like that and asked me to go with him.

It's from july 9 to 13 or 14.

And it's to London!

I said "yes" immediately.
Before he told me we would sleep in a 4 bedded room (so with two unknown people), and before two of the boys here had a serious row. Ugh.

I'm seriously in doubt whether I'm able to leave this family alone for a few days.

Ofcourse I want to go!

I love England.

I've stayed in England with my dad when I was twelve, visiting the family he stayed with during WW2 when he was in the RAF, and traveling through the whole country, including Wales and the south of Scotland.
I felt so at home.

First I thought it was just a young girl's romantic feeling, but when we went back a few years later I felt just the same.

We never went back again.

I intended to go with my children to england when they would be 12, but it never happened, because we didn't have the money.
Now I'm asked to accompany a group of young people with Asperger Syndrome. No traveling- and hotel costs, and a day all for myself at the 11th.

I thought about planning a meeting with online friends who want to see me that day or
going somewhere out of London by train.
But then I read about the London Bridge Festival. So maybe I'll stay in London after all.

When I go....

When I'm able to go........


  1. I've always wanted to go to Scotland. My mom's dream trip would be Scotland and Wales, because her/our ancestors were traced to both places. But, I can't afford to go 50 miles away, much less thousands.

  2. Your descriptions are lovely. I hope you get your adventure!

  3. Oh, how exciting. I sure do hope you will be able to go. You need the break.


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