Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle and Cry me a River

april 18 2009

No need to introduce her.

But for those who haven't seen her:

She's a down to earth Scottish woman with a twinkling in her eye that makes you smile.
She's the perfect example of the way many deal with other people in such a way that they won't even recognize the Messias when He's right in front of them.
She looks like a normal woman who has more to do in her life than look posh and perfect.
And she has the Scottish stubbornness not to change it for the world, and I love her for that.

She amazed everyone who are guided by the looks of people with her voice and her talent.
Mind you, she participated in a talent discovery contest, not in a contest for professional singers.

One of my favorite songs is "Cry me a River".
I've sang it a thousand times, and I love the version Nina Simone sang when she lived here in town.

I still do, but there's another version I love to bits.

That's the one Susan Boyle sang in 1999.


Everyone is allowed to have his or her own opinion.
But I won't allow comments which are an expression of complete disrespect to people who are not wearing the latest hair fashion or haute couture.

I've always told my autistic boys that everyone has a talent, regardless of class, religion or level of autism.
Some of the children feel discouraged by the way society deals with non average people.
They feel pushed aside by people who are able to live up to the expectations, because they try so hard and they can't always accomplish what they want.

Susan Boyle is an example for them.
She kept believing in herself, and she won't change because people say she should.
She's herself.

Thank you Susan!


  1. Wow ...What an amazing voice. I love her version of "Cry Me A River"...beautiful. She has a great future!

  2. Wow! I only just heard about her today. She does have an amazing voice with incredible personality-- I think That's why she is so loved. Kinda like the way Judy Garland was loved.

  3. Simply beautiful voice isn't it!

  4. I just love the girl's spunk! Good for her for never giving up, getting up there in spite of the giggles from the crowd, and showing the world up!! Love her!

  5. Her voice is amazing. I am glad you found another of her songs. I was wondering what else she sang and how it sounded.


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