Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sun, spring and meetings

april 7 2009

Spring is sprinkling itself all over the place.

I've enjoyed the bus ride to a meeting so very much!

It was pure delight to see all sorts of springflowers blooming, the mosaic of light green like a veil over the trees and the grass green again.

Spring is the season I enjoy the most, because the promise of new beginnings comes to life, literally.

At the railwaystation, a lot of noise was caused by one of those machines that equalize the pavement tiles. Because we had time enough we went to the bookstore and had a look around.
By the time we came outside again the noise had gone.

Parking police were busy with controlling bikes.
One of them took a bike from the stands and gave it to a colleague to bring away.

"Ah, I see it's true that the police takes away bikes who are parked at the right place."

He turned towards me, ready for an angry word, but I kept on talking.

"My sons bike was taken away when he was in the racks and he had to pay 25 euro to get it back."

"We only take bikes who have been there for a lot of weeks without being used."

He showed how they sealed bicycles, how they put warnings on the bicycle, and he even showed me the date.

"Your son must have done something wrong. Put it outside the marked area."

"Oh, no. I was there. He put it right where it should be, brought me to the train and returned.
The bike was gone."

"Stolen, I think."

"No. He went to the central contact bureau and he had to pay 25 euro to get it back".

"We never do that, someone else must have put it outside the area."

I looked at him, without saying anything.
It's in the paper so often that people have put their bike at the right place and they take it away.

He felt he needed to say something.

"There's a new parking area for bicycles there." Pointing towards a long street into town.

"Yes. But that's too far away for people like me. Sometimes I can hardly walk and I need parking near the station to be able to go to the train."

"But ma'am, you can go to the council and they can provide a special sign you can put at the back and then you can park everywhere."

I suddenly had a vision of 16.000 students having problems walking to the train and collecting a special permit and parking their bicycles everywhere, like in the old days.
People were much more tolerant and relaxed than they are now.
People smiled more too.

We said goodbye and went to the meeting.

The meeting was pleasant.
My third son is almost recovered from being ill for weeks.
It might have been the sun, but here too people were ready to be kind.
He was told there was no need to redo every hour he missed, but only a small part of it.
He even got help planning.

Tomorrow is a very important meeting at a shop where he worked.
They tried to fire him because he was ill for a couple of days, and I stopped it because I knew the law a bit better than the shopmanagement.

At home I worked in the garden for over an hour, then it started to rain.

During the meeting of tomorrow the plants will be growing because of the rain.
I already knew it won't be fun.
I have a lot of ego-rubbing to do, and I have to outwit at least one person who knows it all.

Well, my son was called on his new cellphone.
They didn't have the number, I was told.

They had, and now I can tell them they have. LOL



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