Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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april 14 2009

The easterdays were rather quiet, partly due to the perfect weather, so some of the kids could go outside to play and skateboard.
Oh, and the chocolate eggs helped too. LOL!

Yesterday morning I woke up very early, and the birds were singing with so much force, it was really amazing.
I could hear some calling to others and get answers.
Some were nearby, and one even looked into the bedroom.
More than even I wanted to have a gardenhouse and sleep there.

Within two days the garden has developed from a place of despair (will it ever become a place where plants and flowers grow?) to a green oasis with yellow flowers.
It's beautiful!

Everything is alive again, apart from the very, very old appletree which finally gave in to winter. I don't mind, because it was so old it attracted all sorts of pests.
The two new appletrees are blossoming well, so let's hope we'll get a few apples this year.

I'm a bit in doubt whether to plant the lettuce seeds now or wait a bit.
The container is ready... so may be I'll take the chance.
It's almost 20 years ago I grew lettuce in the garden. I stopped when the animals had to be taken from the fields when the fallout of Tsjernobil was blown this direction.

I'm trying to hold on to the feeling of the past days, because real life is looking around the corner already.

I have a whole list of things to do.
  1. oldest son: meeting with his counsellor
  2. second one: large and important meeting with people at his new school, including his social worker, a psychologist, and the most ignorant mentor I've ever met.
    It's a school where they form the curriculum to the needs of the pupil, but she wants it to be like she wants it. She doesn't want, or can't, understand his autism, and she wants him to stop studying. (He went there once....let's be clear!)
    She refused to step back when I asked her, so now he needs to go.
    I want her to admit that she's not able to support him and I want her to step back.
  3. third son: needs to restart studies and working after being ill and burned out.
    He's waiting for a neurological exam because of suspected epilepsy.
  4. son with classical autism (the rest is at a different part of the spectrum):
    Last week the councilwomen started her actions again to force my son to school. See here.
    He can't deal with a large social system a school is.
    We were busy to find him a place where he can learn to work at his own level and which leaves the future open enough for him to get individual education. (He needs to be 18 for that).
    So I keep on getting him admitted to that place and I have to find a way to convince that councilwoman for the last time that he can't go to school.
  5. Some family matters need to be taken care of. Not pleasant.
I think I have to give up tai chi, because I'm too tired to go.
It's too early in the morning.

Oh, and I have to run a family of 8.
Anyone wants to do the laundry?

Oops! I'm blogging here in a quiet mood, dreaming about the beautiful garden... and I have to get three loads of laundry on the line...NOW!


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