Thursday, April 9, 2009

a meeting and a compliment

april 8 2009

Found this morning an unapproved ad running on my site. Hmmppffff.

Had an important meeting with a few people about the studies of my third son.
Just before he got ill one of the management assistant of the shop fired him when he came to work.
He fired him for his regular job and for the practical part of his studies.

But they can only fire a person who he has committed a criminal act when they're at work, for example, but not for being ill. So I asked him for the official council permit he should have in that case, and ofcourse he didn't have one.

What followed was at least very interesting.
People lying to cover their own backs.

For them it was a real problem that I was told a few weeks before that my son was a highly valued co-worker, and that school had an evaluation just a week before and to the mentor it was said my son was doing very well and they were very happy to have him.

A bit of detective work in the matter made very clear who created the whole problem and I was very open about this towards school, and to the top manager.
The last guy didn't like me too much, LOL! Especially not when he told me that he didn't have my sons phone number and I was called at that very same number. LOL!

Ofcourse the guy didn't show up at the meeting.

Just an hour before the meeting I realized that one of the contact persons of school might not have been invited properly, so I called the shop to ask if they knew he would come.
Yes, they did.
So I said goodbye and "see you over an hour".
The guy nearly fainted.
"Are you coming too?"
"Yes, ofcourse, I told you so a while ago."
"But the top manager said you wouldn't come."
(Isn't it interesting they've spoken about me?)

"I've told the top manager I would accompany my son to all meetings until this matter is completely solved, because I'm more aware of the legal consequences of what's happning than you are."

They guy sounded kind of nervous and breathless.

Under normal circumstances I would have taken pity on him, but now I just couldn't.
He's the one who lied at the cost of my son.
It's not that I wanted him to pay for that, but I wanted him to think about it and consider the consequences.

It was fun to see the reactions of the men when we arrived at the meeting.
Many people think a mother of 6 looks like a roadworker on the job, but ofcourse I don't.
I'm dressed OK to my own taste, and even though I'm a day older, the energy is always bubbling when I'm going to a problem solving meeting.

The meeting went fine, and all are able to move forward and have learned from the past.

The contact person from school told me he was amazed by the way things went.

He expected huge problems, lots of emotions and such.
Not a very constructional meeting.

Told him I've been a chairman of different organizations and boards and I'm used to dealing with all sorts of matters and people.

That I'm beyond trying to change people who lie to keep their job, making other people look bad.
That I prepare meetings well by
  1. making a list of subjects I want to talk about
  2. leaving things I can't change either in the past or that I transform them in a goal
  3. that I say what needs to be said as a message and not as a startingpoint for a discussion, unless it should be discussed.
  4. that I set all my goals and that I consider the arguments from all sides
  5. and that I keep as close to what I want as possible.
He smiled.

"So that was a meeting between 2 experienced chairmen... no wonder it went so well."

It has been a long time ago someone gave me a good compliment, you should have seen my big smile when we walked to the bus.

At home I found out that bottles of lemonade were stolen from beside the back door. Grrrrr....
It must have been someone who was following the roofworkers.
Last week we got a letter telling us to keep the gates unlocked. Well, thank you!!!!

And entrecardwidgets hardly loaded properly, so until now I only managed to drop 80.

Add to it a huge discussion about pocketmoney with two of the boys and my day was kind of filled.


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