Wednesday, April 22, 2009

lots of extra work! Trying the positive look.

april 22 2009

Just taking a break with a cup of coffee.

Today the heating control will take place.

The "commando centre" is at the attic in a small room behind a door.
The door is in the middle of a wall.
I'm sure it hasn't been a woman who designed this house.

I need the space at the attic, so there's always something standing in front of the door there.
And to prevent the boys from going to the attic and make a mess there (I've learned the bad way), the stairs are full of little things.

So that all needs to be put away.

Added to it that they need a lot of space in the bathroom because there's the radiator from which we can steer the "commando centre". So I have to empty that too.

Well, I try to take it as a good chance for a springcleaning, but I'm not happy.

His father is with my autistic boy now, trying to keep him calm.
All those changes are a real fuse to make his temper explode, and I can't cope with that at the moment.
His father is taking him out of the house, promising him a game.
When they're away I can take a go at the last things at the attic.
I'll put them in the boys room, and shut the door.
After that I'll clean the bathroom, vacuum what's needed and wait for the repairmen.

When they're gone I'll take my time to rearrange things at the attic, which will be easier with part of the stuff gone.
I'll take out the summerclothes, hang them outside to air, and start putting back things, including the winterclothes.

Today I have plenty of time, because the little parts are at the girls' room and they have dinner with school outside town.
Couldn't be planned better!
No homework to overlook, 4 feet less walking in the house.

I hope to be ready with the boys room before my autistic son comes home.
All he'll find is a clean bed, clean desk, and summerclothes instead of winterclothes.
That's enough for him to cope for a day.

Well, I'm off again to get things done.



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