Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's autism awareness day

april 2 2009

This month I'm fundraising for autism. See here.

Woke up too late on this important day and missed the Tai Chi lesson.
The only hour in the week that's only for me.

Well, sleep is a good replacement, especially when the sun shines when waking up.
(On the radio someone who not only blames the banks for the monetary crisis, but also the lack of rationalism of the people running them and the rest of the financial stage.)

On the doormat an invitation for my second son (with PDD-NOS) who wants to become a photographer.
He can't go to a normal school and we're now trying to find him a place at a school that provides individual education.

My other son studies ICT there and he's very happy with his mentor, but the person we're dealing with for our second son isn't able to incorporate what we have told her in her plans.
She has invited my son for two days next week... two long days.

One of my sons problems is that he can't focus well in an environment he's unfamiliar with.
And he has difficulty, he thinks, relating to people he doesn't know.
The stress often gets a firm grip on him, so he either avoids contact or doesn't show up at an appointment (venting his stress here at home. Ugh.)

After reading the invitation I'm amazed this woman doesn't bother to say one word about what he needs to do these days.

Earlier in the process she has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding for the problems people with autism face, and to me this is another example.

The past years I've learned enough not to get angry, but somewhere very far away there is something bubbling. LOL!

Why do people claim they know how to deal with people with autism when they don't have a clue?
Just tell me that you don't, and I'll lead you through the process. I'm used to that.
I'll be kind and carefull not to hurt any feelings or egos.
But don't make us feel you're a big support and let me clean up all the dirt that's left behind.
The miscommunications, the stress this kid suffers.

When one of the family members feel disturbed it means all will feel disturbed, and I have to get them all comfortable again.

So my breakfast was sending a mail to this woman, requesting her to limit the hours she expects him there and asking her what he needs to expect.

Before my first cup of coffee I've also mailed the school of my third son and asked for a meeting, and I've looked up at what time I have to leave today to be in time for an appointment with the social worker of my sons to talk about a form of daycare for my autistic son (nr 4).

It's autism awareness day and autism stares me in the face again.

Where's that cup of coffee?



  1. Hey there!
    I'm following you on twitter now,palmersf.
    Yes I love fairies, I collect all kinds of them.
    I think supporting Autism is great!!

  2. Hey Laane. It's great that you're highlighting Autism this month. I have a cousin who is Autistic over here in the UK, and I've been asked if I fancy running in a half marathon here in Mansfield. I've decided I'm gonna approach the special school he attends, and see if I can raise some money towards an Autism charity or something :)


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