Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm devastated.

april 23 2009

My second son applied to become a pupil at a school for individual learning.
The oldest is studying there too, and he'd done more than he ever did during all his years at a regular school.

Because me second son has a kind of schoolfobia we thought it best for him to apply there.
(He's a very nice person, with just a bit of autism. Not much. But the schoolfobia is killing his future.)

But...bad luck... we got a person to deal with who told me she knows all about autism and showed a complete lack of understanding from the first moment we met each other.
Before I realized we clashed, just because she couldn't accept his problems with autism.

From my oldest son I've heard my second son would be admitted (he overheard people talking), but this morning I got the concept of a mail which should have gone to someone else stating he would be rejected.

I'm furious!

She's so stupid she can't even send a mail to the proper person!!
She didn't even bother to send us a proper letter!
She also made a mistake ordering the course my son needed.

I am soooo angry!!! I have no words.

He needs a study or work to be able to live in a special facility.
We expect him to be admitted by the organization which provides living arrangements near our house, but far enough to give us some air.

He's ready to live away from us, but now that school rejects him he probably will be rejected to live at that facility too.

All I need is a photographer to be his tutor, or some long distance school we can pay.
That's the only way we're able to get him in that special living facility.

I'm devastated!!

He's still asleep....

So I have to get my act together before I see him.

This month I'm fundraising for autism
but who cares?

Read more about it here.


  1. urgh, that's horrible, and what a way to find out! I can imagine you are furious!

  2. Hey don't give up go back to that school and fight them, show the principal the letter that was sent to you and ask for an interview. I have learnt you have to fight for your rights and your son has a right to attend school! It will be good for him to go to the same school as his brother.

  3. I cam imagine how furious you are right now.. I'm so sorry.. I hope both you and your son will be strong enough to fight through all obstructions of what's best for you both.. :)

  4. That has to be frustrating. I'm so sorry at has to be such a struggle.

  5. I'll pray for you the Lord hears us keep trusting Him in all you do c:


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