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Entrecard is dying. Only paying elite survives? (sticky post)

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april 21 2009

I was twittered about the changes in the forum of entrecard.

You need to have 400 paid ads to be able to access the forum.
So new members are not welcome at all. Ugh!

It's unclear to me whether they mean with paid ads: dollar paid ads or EC paid ads.
As it's completely open to intepretation and I can't find a way to register with more than 600 ec paid ads, I assume paid ads are dollar paid ads for entrecard, because all ads used to be paid for with muscle work.

Because there's no way to react, I wrote a reaction in the entrecard blog.

But as freedom of speech is restricted I'm posting here my reply too, and I'll ad an interesting thought

My reaction:

Well Graham and team.

Now the forum is closed for those who are not able to pay for EC’s I’m proved right in that it’s only money you’re interested in.

It’s even more interesting because the freedom of speech is limited.

“The rules for the new structure will be:
You must be an entrecard member.
You must have purchased 400 ads
The only all user area will be community support. Anything that is not a valid community support thread will be deleted.
From here forward there will be no bashing of any kind.”

You’re mistaking a real interest to keep entrecard alive for bashing?

Well, some people can’t deal with honesty.

(end of blogcomment)

I wonder how long non paying members will be allowed in the system.

When I organized the strike and made the squares (available at Blogbacktime) I didn't expect to see so many people thinking the same as I.
It's surprising to see the squares at so many blogs.

The way Graham has organized the payout system I don't think I'll ever be able to cash out my EC's.
I hoped I could, because it would have been a nice push for my autism fundraising of this month.
But I don't think my hard earned EC's are worthy more than my own pride that I pushed that dropbutton so many times that my shoulder and arm were hurting.

So I was thinking that maybe we could have a proper goodbye to the system and to our EC's.

Why not spend all our EC's on advertisements this week? (Start with the cheaper ones.)
I wonder what will happen when we don't drop and all our ads, even when shown only 50%, will clutter the system.

otherwise they'll just erase your ads and everything with it.
Just leave your account as it is and let the ads run.
There's no need to chose a date, because ads take their time to run and the more people are spending their EC's the longer the waitinglist will be. That doesn't matter.

What do you think?

Don't forget to leave your url for my blogrol at Blogbacktime


  1. I'm tired of the entrecard drama. I canceled all the ads on my widget and removed it. I tried canceling the ads I bought with ECs but the site won't let me. Fine... they can delete me from the system.

  2. Laane, today's outtage was a signal; of some sort. not sure, but for what ever it's worth. I think you have a good point about a spending spree.

    so when shall we start ?

  3. Laane, you will have to pardon my ignorance - I haven't been dropping all week due to school holidays and other committments. Yours is the first blog I've dropped on and read this.

    Do we now have to pay to belong to EC?

    If so, you are right in that Graham is now only interested in the 'money' factor - real shame, this was an excellent forum for getting your blog traffic that maybe wouldn't oridinarily be receiving traffic from the type of bloggers that we all are - very eclectic bunch of people we are here on EC.

    Looking forward to your response.


  4. I held out until I saw the announcement today that I will not have a voice in the new forum unless you've placed 400 ads. I've only purchased 233 (at the time I read the announcement).

    That sealed it. I joined your protest and canceled (between my 3 blogs) just under 300 paid ads and put up your square on all 3 blogs. If it ever goes to a double ad widget, I'll accept paid ads, until then no more.

    Then I went on a spending spree. I had accumulated a lot of EC's on all 3 blogs because I was waiting to see what the cash out conversion was (another EC joke). I thought, what the hell, spend if you got em!

  5. The "private" forum on EC is open for all members, not just paying ones. You just have to purchase 400 ads with EC credits first.

  6. I do not right on the forums but like to read what is going on. I think it is a bit silly to have yet another restriction.
    I would like to see a double widget. I would like to know if I am going to a paid site or not.
    I having been buying ads right along.I will continue to. I am not with entrecard to receive money for my EC's but to advertise on fellow blogs.
    I am now not excepting any paid ads.
    Keep up the good work

  7. I removed the widgets from my blogs and at least one account has now been closed! I lost the points I had gathered there as well. I give up. Entrecard is a waste of time and effort.

  8. Follow up! My Entrecard account has been closed and all my points have gone. Spend your points now before they take them from you!

  9. I'm going to do the same as you - spend my EC's on ads, and not bother going back.

  10. Laane - I always spend my credits on ads ... I have never thought it worth saving any EC's and purchase right through the band from 4 EC right through. They don't increase in value so I say to everyone - spend, spend, spend ........

    I tried out the paid ads in the beginning - not purchasing them but allowing them on my blog - I stupidly thought that they would queue in line to take their turn like everyone else. Then when I found that they were kidnapping my widget for 50% of the time I CANCELLED EVERY SINGLE ONE - ALL THOSE THAT I FIRSTLY HAD ACCEPTED AND ALL THOSE THAT HAVE COME INTO THE LINE SINCE.

    The whole system appears to be clogged with paid ads and I almost feel like shouting hooray when I see a blog that has advertised in the traditional way. I dislike the way that many of these blogs are cheating their way on the system. The rest of us take time - drop hour after hour and lets face it no matter how quick and nimble your fingers are and how fast you can whiz around the keyboard IT TAKES TIME - A LOT OF TIME - and may be it's the European in me .... I just feel that these Bloggers are cheating and I DON'T LIKE CHEATS.

    Well, Laane - that is where I stand. I will still spend, spend, spend all my credits on ads - and delete, delete, delete the paid ads.

  11. They closed my other blog without warning, too - along with the accumulated credits. *sigh* - all that work for nothing.
    I certainly don't have 400 paid ads. That's a bit much for a relative new-comer, isn't it?

  12. Hi

    I don't know if I will post on here because Blogger often logs me out but I will try.

    Out of curiosity I started reading the Entrecard forums last weekend and found that there was a lot of hostility and flaming going on in there. Then I found out the flames were coming from people who are not even members of Entrecard but who bear a grudge and wish to do the company down. It was a set up to make regular members like me turn against the company and the owner.

    I don't know what has happened in the past but as a small charitable group Creative Cafe can't afford much advertising and Entrecard has brought us a lot of new traffic as well as some lovely new members. Also I have got to read great blogs like this one. (I am amazed how you cope so well with all your boys and their problems by the way.)
    Anyway I don't mind having some of the paid ads up and although I know people have some complaints I'd say it is in everyones interests to see Entrecard do well as a company because that will help all the members and their blogs as well.

    I think they had to make these new rules for the forums because you can't just have enemies of the company and the community flaming and attacking the site. Noone would want that to happen to their own blogs so why should Entrecard put up with it on their forum.

    I hope you won't all leave over this as I enjoy visiting and reading your blogs a lot.

    Bye for Now
    Creative Cafe

  13. Sounds like a good plan to me. I cancelled a couple of months ago though, before it even got this bad.
    Good luck! :o)

  14. I am finally fed up and have decided to use your suggestion. Until it is a double widget..well, anyway I may never come back. EC "had" boosted visits to my blog, however rarely a comment and no sales of my jewelry has happened from using EC.

    Off to spend...


  15. I've only placed 129 ads, and I've been a member for several months. I used to read the forums daily. I guess I won't anymore, not unless I go buy a lot of 2ec ad spaces. It's going to take me another year to buy enough to be considered "important," even though I've been towing the company line and accepting most paid ads.

    I may be back here in a few days and joining the duck strike. Quack. Quack.

  16. I've been purchasing ads all along with my EC credits, although, I certainly am more particular about it than I used to be. I am rooting for a 2 ad widget to be fair to all who would like to advertise.

    I have ONE approved paid ad running on my site now, however, $ paid ads that I canceled over a week ago are still running and I can't get EC to fix it. They just tell me they don't see a problem. Very frustrating.

    I don't go to the forums much anyway, no time, but I think the 400 ad requirement is a bit high. It takes a long time to have that many paid ads unless you're just buying the super cheap ones. Guess that's what will happen next so there is a way around that system!

    I'll be out of town the next few days and I have to admit, happy to be away from the computer and, in particular, EC.

  17. I could join the forum, it shows on my dashboard I have purchased over 900 ads. But it's kind of a waste of time to do now if only a certain amount of people can join. And as far as cashing out. I was approved for that oh boy I think I could get 7 bucks! I say sarcastically.

  18. I just came here to tell you that too, what's up with their so-called VIP?private forum? and now there's no place to go because I want to ask them why my blog is showing up an ads that doesn't even pass my approved/cancell widget, it's just there without me knowing it,it sneak out on it's own!!!what's the use of cancelling the paid ads if they can sneak out like that?

  19. I spend all my ECs on ads on an almost daily basis - which is why the cashout isn't a huge incentive for me. I never have more than a few hundred ECs in my account. I don't hoard credits, because to me the advertising is a large part of Entrecard. I'm letting other blogs advertise on mine, after all.


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