Saturday, April 4, 2009

entrecard - another system killing the fun

april 4 2009

I joined entrecard, had fun discovering other blogs and meeting people.

Ofcourse new things on internet these days are all about those who started it: people who want to earn money.

Haloscan, Buzzfuse, Sezwho and many more, seemed to be fun in the beginning but soon killed themselves or were eaten by Google, while we, bloggers, invested time and work to make them great and enable them to run away with the money.

I liked entrecard.
But today a strange system of advertising was started and I feel bored to death while surfing.
Slow loading pages again and so many times the same widget ads, that I'm almost falling asleep.
There's no need to click the same ad for the so-maniest time.
I feel the opportunity to freely surve through the entrecard-web is taken away from me.

The meantime for dropping: 4 and a half minute per drop.
Some drops need 5 times reloading the page before I can drop,
some need 3 times reloading before a drop is registered.

I've been bothered by 4 advertisements.
1 about a site I like
1 about a site I dislike because it's rather negative
2 moneymaking sites

The consequences of accepting an ad are not clear to me.
All I know is that entrecard earns money by using my site for their fun.
It has an influence on the amount of sites I can drop on, I understand.

I have loads of questions. and the fun is gone.

So please leave your url in the commentsection, telling you want my visits in the near future and I'll add you to my blogroll.


  1. Hi Laane I appreciate your constant visits and likewise I love visiting your site. Please tell me if my blogs are among those sites that are taking a while to load? LOL. Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. That's interesting, because I haven't noticed any difference today at all in how I am able to drop cards...?

  3. Hi Laane - Is is a big pain in the neck. Supposedly you don't have to approve the ads, there will not be any negative impact on you if you choose not to accept ads (for now) They have a long thread going on in the forum. You should check it out, you'll probably find answers to all of your questions. A lot of people are not happy with this new advertising.

    Take Care -


  4. Hey! Thanks for being one of my top droppers for March 09! I linked to you here: Thanks again and I'm glad we could build a friendship through Entrecard! --Michelle
    PS: I use the Entrecard tool bar. I add my favorite blogs (not the crap money makers) to my favorites and drop on them each day. I really enjoy this because I only visit the blogs I enjoy!

  5. I don't understsnd it at all. I approve the paid ads but they don't even show up on my pending ads list. So I don't know where they're going.

  6. I don't like the paid ads either. I approved some earlier today but I see they interfer with the blog the is supposed to be featured and I don't want that. So I have been declining any new paid ad request I get.

  7. I'm really upset about it, too. I've left a comment on their blog about it.

  8. I would very much enjoy your continued visits. . . I have an autistic child as well.

    I've enjoyed entrecard, would not have met as many interesting writers. . . but can't say I understand the purpose of all these ads. . .

  9. Hi There, I'm on entrecard as well, and I don't completely understand the changes either. :(

    But, if you'll visit my blog, I'll visit yours! Just drop me a comment when you visit, and I'll be sure to do the same for you.


  10. Don't forget to visit me.

    I am no sure if you visited me at all or any of those blogs but I sure hope you will. I don't want to lose contact with you. I have you on my blogroll at The Pond and My Road. Thanks Laane

  11. What are we bloggers getting for approving ads? My inboxes on all 3 of my blogs have been flooded with paid ad requests. My stats and ad price don't increase when I approve them. What is in it for me? And if I have tons of paid ads approved, how are my entrecard buddies going to buy ads on my site? And how is my ad price going to be impacted by this? I wrote a post about this too. Stop by if you want to read the rest.

  12. I would definitely appreciate your visit. Have a great weekend.

  13. I agree...every blog almost has one of about three ads running...I assume they are all paid ads. I had a whole line of paid ads this morning and as I normally do I clicked aprove but on checking I rejected some of them as not relevant.
    I am not happy about these as there were about 30 paid ads for approval just today....what about ec ads..where does that leave them and are they worth doing now?
    I think that I need to think about this one as I feel swamped.
    My understanding was that there would just be a some...but this is too many, lol!!

  14. ohw gosh... expernced it too..
    dropping cards are such a pain now.. loads so slow... O.o

    thanks for the comment.. followed you in twitter too.. :D

  15. Hi, Laane. You may have noticed that I've been a daily visitor. I try to be a reciprocal dropper but I could not sacrifice the ones I like. So I cannot drop on all those who visit me.

    Regardless of whether you visit me or not, I will always visit yours as you have one of the more sensible blogs not only in EC but in the net as a whole.

  16. So far, I haven't noticed a difference. It did take forever to go through and evaluate all of the paid ads to see if I would approve them, but I think that was a one-time thing. I would love to have you drop by.

  17. I'm not sure what to do with EC anymore! I have 12 more to approve, and at least 12 in waiting!

    This is not fun..

  18. Like Lola, I'm not sure where the benefit is to me to accept a paid ad. I had a truck load of them to approve this weekend, and I approved nearly all of them. But it doesn't seem I've gained anything in the way of credits over accepting blog ads for credit. WTH? I'm hanging on in these first few weeks to see if the dust settles and if it's a system I can still live with.

    I made a comment in the forums that I'd be happy to pay something like $5/mo to have the system run the way it was before. Not kidding about that. The traffic and higher quality blogs advertising with me would be worth a few pennies. Now, not so much. The quality of paid ads is sorely lacking.

  19. I very unhappy with the new Entrecard Paid Ads . In the new system, they take precedence over the Advertisers who buy spots on my blog with credits. That seems unfair!

    So I disabled the Paid Ads. Now my blog only displays the advertisers who use credits.

  20. Please drop by, I may be getting rid of EC soon.

  21. I totally agree with you and welcome your visits.

    Thank you.

  22. I agree too, Laane, and am not accepting any paid ads...but I am afraid I won't get any regular ads, because of course people are worried (I am also reluctant to spend credits on ads now) - so sad! I really loved EC and I am still hanging in, biding my time for awhile.

    I will keep visiting you, no matter what. I love your 2 blogs, am making a list so I can add everyone to my Google Reader.



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