Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enjoying Your Holiday

April 11 2009

1. There are several religious holidays going on this weekend. Any plans?

Special plans would disturb the routine of my autistic kids. (spring itself is enough)
So I celebrate Easter by memorizing the many hours spend listening to and singing in my dads choir.
And there's always a service on TV.

2. Do you look forward to holiday events or do they stress you out?

I just take them how they come.
I wish I could step out of my life and enjoy those days a lot more than I'm able to now.
The only thing that stresses me out now is that Easter eggs are made of chocolate. LOL!

3. Do you have any traditional meals that you will eat?

Like I said in 1, anything that is out of routine is a source for tension and turmoil.
We'll add special soup to one of the regular ones, and we'll have special desert.
Maybe I'll manage to get some fresh asparagus. I'm the only one eating them.

4. We are changing seasons. What are you looking forward to?

The early mornings. Walking outside without coat or cardigan.
The fresh wind, dewdrops, the birds.
I love spring.

5. Around here it is turning to spring. What signals spring to you?

The light green mosaic in the trees, and the springflowers.
(But most of all itching eyes...I'm allergic.)

6. What is your favorite season and why?

I love the start of new life.

7. Do you have a favorite food when dining out?

Dining out...when...where?

I like salmon... smoked salmon...

8. What is your favorite beverage when out?

Port when it's somewhere relaxing and quiet.
Beerenburger, strong and herbal.
And whiskey since I'm a bagpiper. Without water. Water should be in the sea.

9. When is your next big night out?

Presumably in 2012 when it's clear the world hasn't stopped turning. LOL!

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