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calling a strike of entrecard droppers. - sticky post

april 8 2009entrewas

An interesting discussion is going on at the entreblog.

Graham: (The BOSS)

The plan is to give members with the highest ratio of paid ad approvals first dibs on cashing out their credits.

Well, I don't know the word dibs, but I understand the meaning here.

I feel the efforts of the droppers are completely neglected.
And I also feel the loyalty many have for the ads which were approved before the paid ads were introduced is not respected.

Maybe it's a good idea to chose a day we don't drop, so Graham can get an idea how much we mean for the system.
When there are not enough droppers active he can't do enough with his paid advertising.

I'm calling a strike of entrecard droppers!!

Maybe friday is the perfect day for that.

To show the importance of droppers for the entrecard system.
To show we're no second rate entrecarders.
To show we want to have complete control over our own site.
To get equal respect for EC and money paid advertisers.
To prevent the decay of the system.

Get your graphic here.

To be clear: I'm not against contributing towards the continuation of the system. Not at all.
And I'm not against paid advertising.
In fact I'm all for two sided widgets, or even two widgets.
But that someone sees it fit to break an agreement and displays advertisements on my site without my consent really makes me mad.

When we want to keep the system going and all have a good time droppers need to be respected to (by someone in his twneties who's in it for the money. Let's be clear about that.)

Come back on friday to see links to alternative activities. (No ads. LOL!)


This morning I had a different ad in my widget than should be there.
When reloading I got another one; not the one that should be there.
Right now I'm surfing with blogexplosion. Bit of music, cup of coffee.
I'm even able to drop now and then.


  1. Great post, I think you will have a lot of support for not dropping. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of support for the paid ads aswell.

  2. really great post....thanx for sharing it,,,,

  3. Very interesting idea. Something needs to be done.... I just don't know what that something is!!

  4. I haven't drop much since the system changed..because I really don't know if it means anything anymore..

    I know many people had taken the widgets off their sites! It's sad when money talks too loud..

  5. Laane, great idea and the graphics are so cute! I'm no longer on entrecard but I will put the first banner on My Journey in support of your cause. I do hope the strike makes Graham realize exactly how important the droppers are. Good luck. I'll check back to see how it went.

  6. Laane, We're Sharing Your Wisdom, and putting you on EntrePOD.

    You make us feel so good, when you speak about the need for Action.


    Make sure you to go see your story, reposted on Entrecard today,

    and take our poll please

  7. This is a good idea if it catches on - the thing about boycotts is, they don't really work unless there is a significant number of people participating in them. However, I'm afraid that our friend Graham at Entrecard doesn't really care much about keeping members happy... or keeping them at all. Unless this whole mess gets cleaned up soon, in a way that's advantageous both to Entrecard as a site AND the MEMBERS of Entrecard, I'll be deleting my blog from the site.

  8. Wonderful idea you have came up with here.The way the new ad system at EC is set up is nothing more than a win for Graham,and no one else.

  9. I understand the need to make money, it's just too bad it's coming at the expense of fellow bloggers. Guess it's a good thing I left EC when I did.

  10. you could just give constructive feedback, the system will not halt..if you don't drop your screwing your own advertisers it sounds like your running in circles....strike if you want...

    now...if you want entrecard to continue working...and you don't want to have to organize thousands of bloggers in a could just pick and choose what ads you allow, thats what I'm doing...and yes, because I allow paid ads to run which actually bring funds into entrecard...i damn well better get some sort of benefit when it comes to cashout time.

    those that accept paid ads WILL see a drop in the rate of their daily EC ad cost...thats how the economy will self adjust...thats where folks that refuse the paid ads will benefit...they just may not be able to cash it out, but they can still buy more ads and buy things in the market (both of those things give you points for community involvement btw)

    just my thoughts

  11. Hey Laane,

    There is a new post on the Entrecard blog. Droppers will be valued just as much as ad approvers in our new "community support algorithm" which will determine the priority for people at the credit cashout.

  12. Laane we reposted you to our blog, and wanted you to know that we are flying your april 10th NO DROP Day Button Proudly.

    We Stand with the EC !

  13. You can count BadGalsRadio in on the NO Drop on 10 April Movement Laane.
    we reposted your blog with a backlink to get folks here for the graphics and to show some support.

    NO DROP April 10th; We Support Blogging Not Splogging - Use the EC.

  14. It is actually Holy Friday and not much people would really drop. Great choice of date.

  15. Well done, Laane! I'll be taking part in the strike with all 5 of my blogs on EC

  16. I actually posted a good number of suggestions on how they could make the new system much more fair to everyone. Shame no one from Entrecard seems to be paying attention to it. lol.

    Feel free to read it here on the entrecard forums:


  17. @Matt

    I have accepted a paid advertisement, but it immediately ran and pushed backwards all the adverts that were agreed on a forthnight ago.

    That just can't be.

  18. @Graham.

    My reaction is on the entrecard blog, and will be posted here on the site in a moment.

  19. "that someone sees it fit to break an agreement and displays advertisements on my site without my consent really makes me mad."

    And, that is the problem.

    Anyway, I'll support the cause, no dropping for either of my blogs on Friday.

  20. It is interesting that the biggest thing that controls inflation in the EC system, "% of credits you spend on Entrecard ads", is ranked last. Any reason for this? Ah, maybe Graham reasoned that some people purchase credits (from EC) to use to purchase ads. That must be why. Of course, for the last year, this activity (spending credits on Entrecard ads) was the one thing preventing hyper inflation. So, beneficial activity for over a year falls four steps lower than something (paid ads) that has only been in place for a week. I think a message is being sent.

    Of course Graham did not create an algorithm, just a list. The Rev (moderator, had an interesting comment. Graham is approving all ads himself, and had not communicated with them in over five days! Rome is burning, and the fiddler is fiddling in isolation.

    Beautiful badge, I'm in, I'll let my freak flag fly!

  21. I'm in, my post is up and I'm flying the badge.

  22. OK I am getting it now. I was wondering where those paid ads were coming from. I miss the old way things ran at entrecard. I wonder why they are changing this up?

  23. Hi.
    I haven´t read all the info about the EC paid system but, in my opinion, a two widget solution makes sense.
    I approved paid ads without knowing they would be displayed first and now I feel a bit bad about it.
    Good Easter holidays to you and your family :)

  24. I'm joining the strike on April 10 and flying the flag (graphic) for No Drop Friday on my blog.

    Hopefully thousands more will join the strike and send some kind of a message to the owners of Entrecard.

    Thanks Laane.

  25. I think you make some great points, what's scary is the guy behind Entrecard doesn't have a clue. I suggest we all click on the paid ads so advertisers accounts diminish and they make no sales.

  26. Oh, yeah. I'm in.

    What's more, I'm learning there are other ways to get traffic than through Entrecard. I might have to use those lessons to my benefit, but soon.

  27. sorry, I am out of this. This blog may be yours. But the whole system and its TOS lies with Entrecard. The only big flaw with Entrecard is that they are giving just too much freedom for bloggers like you. If you don't want to adhere to their rules, you don't join them, thats all. But why all these hullabaloo. Many other traffic generation schemes have far stupider rules than this.

    All you have to do is to give time for Graham and inc to iron the so called kinks in the chain.

  28. striked today! NO droppings from CuteBoo and Always Kawaii!

  29. Comment to Blogging Buddha is posted at his site.

  30. hi laane,

    i admire your dedication and your stand on this. I am not dropping today in observance with Good Friday but i am in total support for this. I will be putting the banner on my side bar. thanks..have a blessed holy week and wonderful easter

  31. hi laane,

    i admire your dedication and your stand on this. I am not dropping today in observance with Good Friday but i am in total support for this. I will be putting the banner on my side bar. thanks..have a blessed holy week and wonderful easter

  32. Darn! Yesterday morning I was following my normal morning routine, doing my entrecard drops, sorting emails, checking my blog and online stores, etc. and I realized as I went to several blogs that it was supposed to be No Drop day! Alas, it was too late and I had already dropped numerous times so I finished up my dropping. I do, however, support your position on the Entrecard mess right now. Is there another way that we can show Entrecard how much we disagree with how things are set up now?

  33. I didn't see this in time or I would have done it. I reject every paid ad since I found out that the push off the ads that are already there and had already been in line waiting. So I reject them all, except the regular free ads that people buy with credits they've earned thru dropping....

  34. I'm in agreement - Entrecard's paid ad policy sucks - however I've decided to campaign for a 'no paid ads' option by displaying my own anti paid ads badge - click the link to learn more if you like :)

  35. I guess you have noticed it... we have stopped dropping after watching the new system for a few days. We didn't like it at all. We are keeping the EC widget and do a few drops from time to time, we don't accept paid ads, it's not what we wanted from EC, to earn money. Hope to see you from time to time... Cheers, Chica & Pumuckl

  36. I gave up on EC a couple of weeks ago. That thing with limiting who is allowed to post to the forum finally did it for me. EC was a great idea but commercial greed has been killing it slowly. I'm at CMF Ads now. If it keeps on growing it will become what I had hoped to find at Entrecard. At CMF the forums are open for anyone, you don't have to have a blog running CMF ads to use the forum,


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