Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogging for autism during autism awareness month

April 1 2009

Like last year,
I'll be blogging in april for a good cause: autism.

Depending on the amount of money I'm able to collect this month it'll go to an autism foundation, or will be spend to create something special for autistic young people.

My biggest dream is to buy a house where special facilities will be brought together.
  1. Information,
    • special hours where people can walk in to ask their questions
    • a library
    • groups to educate families
    • someone who educates schools and gives individual advice to teachers and schools
  2. Consultation and therapy
    • a psychiatrist for medication control near the home
    • speech therapist
    • psychologist for parenting advice
    • groups
  3. Living facilities
    • training home, where young people can experience in a light protected environment how independent they really are
    • a home for a group of autistic young people
I know that's quite a large project but without ideas and dreams to work towards to, life is boring.

There are so many things needed for autistic young people and their families.
Small and large things.

When you want to contribute, please let me know.

I have plenty of place on my site for ads, I can review your site, and I can even use my psychologist skills to answer your questions about parenting, for instance.

When you want to twitter this around... go ahead!


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