Sunday, April 26, 2009

autism and plans for action

It's vacation here.
So all the children are at home.

Yesterday was not a very pleasant experience as my autistic son kept moaning and complaining.
My mistake.
I'd forgotten to give him his meds the evening before.

I know some people are against medication for autistic children, but he needs it.
A few months he did without, refused to take them and it was hell.
He asked to start again.

Today the shopping centre had a special event.
The shops aren't open every sunday here. Just at special occassions.
Because the program said there would be goodybags, my autistic son wanted to go with the girls and his father.

I was OK with that.
Finally some moments to vacuum the room and stairs without people around.

They were back earlier than expected.
It was far too crowded.
The music was so loud that they couldn't speak with each other.
And the goodybags were only for people who forced their way through the crowds.

Well, we had a package of cookies that were almost over date.
Together with a bottle of cola light it did wonders.
(No this isn't a sponsored post. LOL!)

I've decided to use this week to set up an organisation for autism.
Well, in fact I did some work in the past, like setting up a site, getting in contact with some people, gathering research material and especially: reading, reading, reading.

Now plans need to be made for a proper launch, I need to prepare to give lectures, and I need sponsoring.
Which is a real problem in this country. Ugh!

The combination with my family is not the best one.
It limits my freedom tremendously.

But something needs to be done.

What do I say?

A lot needs to be done!!!!

Maybe I can combine my visit to england in July with meeting people in england who are active for autism too.
It's the week after july 11.

Let me know.


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