Sunday, March 8, 2009

Your bestest day

March 7 2009

1. What one day of your life do you think was your best day?

I don't know. Maybe it's yet to come.
With so many children there are many higlights.

2. What one day of your life do you think was your worst day?

The day that my first daughter died in my arms.

And the day I was with my dad when he died.

I was still breastfeeding one of my children and went to and fro.
After a few nights being with him I was exhausted.
Dad promised he wouldn't die when I was sleeping for a few hours, so I went downstairs to take a nap at the couch. But my dear caring mother (not!) told me the couch was for sitting and send me upstairs to a room with a terrible couch.
It was impossible to relax without backpain, and when I looked up I looked straight to the photo of my dead child.
I've never cried so silent and so yelling at the same time.

Dad died 5 hours later. I was with him.

3. If you had to pick the best year of your life, when was it and why?

My second year at university.
The whole future was smiling at me, I had my old friends around and new friendships were emerging.
I was studying the subject I wanted, had a job that didn't take too much energy, and I was part of an international balletgroup.

4. If you had to pick the worst year of your life, when was it and why?

The year before last year and last year.

A council representative threatening to bring me to court, because she thought I was keeping my son from school. But there was no place, and no one really cared how autistic my son really was.
A psychiatrist telling me she wanted to institutionalise him at a place we could barely visit, where they use(d) isolation rooms and the whole lot. No place for an autistic kid.

Before that year I looked 20 years younger than I was. Not anymore.

5. Most recently, what night did you do something that you loved?

Wish I had a caring lover.

Well, last week I read a good book during the night.

6. Most recently, what night did you do something that you hated?

Last week too, when my autistic boy was all over the place with his emotions and my second son too.
Next time I'll call the ambulant psychiatric service and have them institutionalized both.

7. Tell us about your best relationship that did not work out.

I don't feel the need to look back to bad experiences.
Read some posts of former memes.

8. Tell us about your worst romantic relationship that you’ve had.

The same answer. Do you want to get me depressed?

9. Is there a celebrity that you’d love to spend a “no hold bars” night with?

What does that mean?

I don't know a celebrity for a relationship.

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  1. Laane-
    I have to give you maximum props for having the courage to share the story of you daughter. She will be in my prayers tonight...

  2. You got me teary eyed with #2 how sad must be.

    enjoyed reading your answers.

    Happy Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Some tough questions this week.

  4. Those were some tough questions, I don't know if I would be able to answer them. I think you did an admirable job.

  5. Hi Laane, i came by to read your answers. I enjoyed answering the questions this week.

    Thanks for the visit at my entry.

  6. Hi Lanne,
    I'm saddened by the loss of your child and Dad. Sending you hugs from Singapore. Take care.

    Congrats, you are my first commenter at my recent post. :)

  7. So sorry to read about your worst days; hope your best days come along soon.


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