Sunday, March 15, 2009

Want to hunt down diabetics? Read this.

march 15 2009

Why do some people think they have the right to show disrespect to others?

We all are aware by now that discrimination is not done.
Not to people with another colour, not to people with another religion, etc etc.

But like always people just look around and pick another feature to comment on, to ridicule and to expose as a kind of alien species.

I've been a ballet dancer a large part of my life.

It's something that runs in the family.
We either dance, paint, write or are photographers.

It's fun to see the creative genes around and to try to forecast with each born baby which talent he or she is gifted with.

I was happy during those years.
I didn't consider myself handsome or beautiful, but my body was OK for ballet and I didn't crave food that was unhealthy.

When my first child was born I stopped, but as soon as I felt that I was ready again after my last kids were born, I started a new group.... for a bit older dancers, took up teaching and had a great time again. Even performing with 4 of my children at the same show.

I was as healthy as could be. Bought clothes where ever I wanted, in the size I wanted, and when my girls were 4 some people thought I was their older sister. (Yea, really).

My weight: 55 kg. Length 1.74 m.

Because I had gestational diabetes (pregnancy diabetes), and the generations before me had diabetes, I was aware of the risk.

So when I started to feel strangely tired, when my eyesight seemed to change with the time of the day, I went to my doc to ask for a glucose tolerance test.
He smiled. And he made a joke.
OK... I've studied psychology and medicine too, and yes, some people think they have a disease (or all) they have found in a textbook. But I never considered myself to be one of them.

Nor did a good friend.
She gave me a glucosemeter and told me to use it freely when I thought things were out of control.

The same evening I called my doc and showed him my findings.

Within days I had medication and all sorts of appointments to check things.
Including my diet.
I was told it was perfect and healthy.

A few months later I started to feel quite unhappy.
It was like I was gaining weight, which was strange, because I'd taken up my way of living, which was working all day to care for my kids (4 with special needs), and rushing off on my bicycle after dinner to race in 45 minutes to ballet.

In the weekends I trained with the pupils from the ballet academy.

Exercise enough... but I gained weight.

Even stranger... although my diet was cholesterol friendly my cholesterol was rising.

All my docs did was give me meds to counteract the rise in cholesterol.
The side effects caused such bad muscle problems that I had to stop dancing.
Already I was considering that step, because my weight made me feel unhappy in my clothes and balletwear.

Not long after that people started to tell me I should lose weight because the weight caused me to be diabetic.
I even went back to the dietician to see what I should do with my diet to become my old me again.
But all my life I had been eating healthy, a diabetic diet, so there was no need and no room for change.
I left the building with tears in my eyes, feeling convicted to be a person I'm not.

Now the years have passed I have met more people, men and women, who went through the same experience as I.
They changed into an obese person after they got diabetes, and not before.

Being lucky to know scientific researchers all over the world, I started to mail around to motivate them to look into two issues:
  1. Is it possible that diabetes mellitus is not one disease, but a name for several forms?
    Some caused by obesity, others causing obesity?
  2. Is it possible that people can't lose weight while they have enough exercise and a healthy diet?

Ofcourse I was not the only one with those questions and we now know that it's indeed true that under certain conditions people can't lose weight.
Most of these conditions are stressrelated. (I'm not speaking about overeating because of stress, but about stress and a healthy diet and normal physical activity.)

I can go on and on and on about this, but I'm sure no one cares.
And it's not the reason why I started to write this post.

I started to write, because I feel offended by the way people think they know all about the life of other people.
In this case: about the life of people with diabetes.

I'm lucky I'm not terribly overweight, and I'm certainly not unable to move properly either.
I can touch the floor with flat hands and my knees straight, I can lift my leg above horizontal front and side, and I can still run to catch the bus. (I'm 53).

But I'm overweight enough to have doctors who haven't read my files tell me to lose weight to lose the diabetes. (It's always fun to tell them to keep updated about scientific research on the subject. LOL!)

I hate the way people are dealing with overweight diabetic people.

Some even think it's normal behaviour to show pictures on their blog of terribly obese people to accompany warnings about overeating and diabetes.

I'm OK with telling people they should exercise enough, eat healthy and live otherwise healthy too.

But I'm getting angry when I smell disrespect, discrimination, and making fun about other people.

It's like diabetics are lose wild and everyone is allowed to hunt them down.

Don't you think we know the risks of the disease?
My eyes sight is so precious to me, I can't tell. Why risk loosing it?
Movement has always been a creative outlet to me... Why risk loosing it?

I feel a cancer is inside me, waiting to jump on me when I don't watch.
Trying to steal the function of my vessels, my heart.
To slash me down when I don't watch, leaving my children alone on this earth.

Most interesting is that people who don't exercise, who smoke, bully others, don't respect others, live unhealthy in other ways, drink a glass of wine to stay healthy (and more glasses too), use the car even for short distances, etc etc. comment on the way I live without even knowing how I live.
I hope they won't get arthritis, dementia, or anything else when they get older.

Want to hunt down diabetics?


We're human beings confronted with a disease we don't want.

Maybe some of us caused it themselves, maybe.
But we all suffer from the way we feel and from what we have to do to stay as healthy as possible.

But we suffer the most from YOU!


  1. I've come across a few doctors who have been disrespectful to me.
    Normally I just get up and leave. This is a small town, so I don't have much choice where to go!

  2. Thanks for speaking out on this. I am not diabetic, but my Mother was, and my good friend at work is. My friend has had to miss some hours of work here and there, due to complications with her sugar. It seems that her employer isn't very understanding. I'm an independent, so am not with the same company. It hurts me because, as if she isn't under enough stress, she fears for her job!


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