Thursday, March 12, 2009

walking on teeth

march 12 2009

Can one walk on one's teeth?
There's a saying here that says so, expressing that the person is very tired.

Guess what? I am.

My son has been very ill, but today he did a tiny bit better. Enough to pay a visit to the doc, to exclude any bacterial involvement.
We had to wait a complete hour in the new waitingroom.
I loved the former one. It was small, but there was music, and I could walk outside without the chance of missing the doc when he came to fetch me.

Now we had to wait on the second floor.
It was so hot, and the chairs were so new we were sliding off them, LOL!
The sounds echoed all through the building.
Modern minimalystic style with decorated walls with huge paintings can be quite impressive, the acoustics are perfect to make my bagpipes sound even louder, but I don't like the fact that I can hear the person talking with the assistant.

To go with my son I had to miss Tai Chi, but I can deal with that.
I didn't have a T-shirt with "free Tibet" anyway, and without it I feel like I'm betraying the Tibetans a bit by training in a chinese sport.

The girls had their schoolreports.
They were GOOOOOOD!!!!

When they keep up the good work, they'll go to a level higher than the former school adviced.
All due to their persistent hard work.

Got an opportunity to blog at one of the other sites.
The post was declined and it really made me feel nauseated.
In the past I've written plenty of posts in exactly the same style and they were always approved.
A little devil in my ear tells me that they have had a couple of days of free link-exposure.
I wonder how many other bloggers have blogged for the same firm and had the same experience.

Last year the same women told me I had a no-follow blog, whereas I surely had a complete d-follow blog.
When I told her that I'd removed the no-follow (without telling her when) she said: "Now it's OK". Yea... some miracles are psychological. LOL!

Well, I'm going to do the dishes and watch House.
I just love the medical problems they deal with in the series.
Nice training of my diagnostic skills.

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  1. I hope your son is doing much better now.

    With regards to the paid post you're talking about, did they just decline the post w/o a chance of editing it? That sucks, yeah sometimes I feel bad too when our hardwork just give them link exposure for nothing.


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