Wednesday, March 25, 2009

waitingrooms and waiting

March 25 2009

Oh my dear, it's spring!

I'm not sure I can convince people here.
The dark heavy almost black clouds made us close the curtains early, so we could forget all the rain and wind and enjoy the coziness of the light in the livingroom.

The day started early with a visit with son nr 3 to the doc.
He doesn't feel well, and I want matters sorted out now.

I can't convince myself he's got diabetes, but the are some worrying signs and better test it one time extra than not.
Even without me saying so, the doc told him he wanted to test his fasting blood sugars and a lot more.

We were so happy we were outside again.
On our way there it rained terribly and we had to sit in the waitingroom in our wet clothes for 70 minutes!
Next week the doc will get my bill for the waitingtime:
  • 2x60 minutes waitingroom
  • 1x 70 minutes waitingroom
  • 2x15 minutes telephone

That's a bit too much for just one week.

When I came home my autistic son told me his computerscreen is acting weird.
It doesn't get on when the computer starts.
Well, all the plugs were in well, so something else is the matter.
I could do nothing else than to sit down with him and switch on the TV and watch a few programs with him. I was almost dozing of when he went upstairs and called me that the screen worked again.


Son nr 2 was expected at the railwaystation to help his dad.
He put his shoes on when a bit of sunshine hit the earth, but when he reached for the doorknob is started to rain..a lot!
So he started to put on his raingear.

Then his father called. He was furious his son wasn't there.

Whatever I said, it was all wrong.
He kept on going he had made an appointment and people should keep it.

He got silent though when I said that he should consider the fact that it was raining so bad.

"I was in the rain too"

"How come you are not wet at all?"

"I was in the waitingroom at the station, and I couldn't get out because I would get extremely wet because of the rain."

"And you keep on complaining that your son doesn't go through that weather, while you yourself are dry and warm?"

"We had an appointment. He agreed to meet me there and help me get that box home on his bicycle."

"Do you have a problem with waiting a few minutes?"

"Yes, he should stick to his promisses."

"Well, I guess you autists are both the centre of your own world.
Makes me think that none of you wanted to get wet."

"Nevertheless he should have come, like he promissed".

Just before I saw stars and started to have a heart attack a last question entered my mind.

"Well, when he would have come, would you have gone through the rain to arrive home soaking wet?"

"No, ofcourse not, I would have waited."


How come I still fail to understand how the male brains work??? LOL!


  1. Geez, men can be pretty exasperating can't they!! Hope you son doesn't have diabetes but that you do find out what is going on and I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!!

  2. It sounds like a frustrating day. On rainy days I just want to stay under the covers and sleep.

  3. I recommend that you not even try to figure out the male brain. LOL Oh, and good luck on giving the doctor your bill. I wish it worked like that.

  4. Hello

    You don't fail to understand them - they fail to see logical reasoning and when it's pointed out, they pretend ignorance and blame us for being WOMAN!!

    Julie :-)

  5. Sometimes people can get really inflexible with principle when they should remember that when they handle people, they should be using more of their heart and not their head. I remember a quotation that goes something like this, "Be strict with oneself but to give others more allowance."

  6. You will never understand how the male brain works, because you are the proud owner of two X chromosomes, and no Ys.

    That Y does something to the brain. It's subtle. Biologists are trying to figure it out as we speak.

    Or maybe it's the testosterone. You have sons, so you know how dangerous a drug it is. I think we should ban it, even in its physiologic form.

    I wouldn't have gone in the downpour, either.

  7. Laane - I smiled at reading this. . . and have an autistic child and among other mistakes I've made, am a man. I think the main problem with being male is that we are right about 1% of the time and want to win arguments 51% of the time. We'll do (almost) anything to close the gap between being right (1%) and wanting to win.

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  9. Spring isn't here (in Nebraska) yet, either - we are supposed to get snow this weekend - blah. I hope that your son doesn't have diabetes and that he feels better soon!


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