Sunday, March 1, 2009

top droppers day

March 1 2009

Ofcourse I value each and every drop on its own.
Not everyone has the time, not the energy to surf around internet, dropping on all sorts of sites.

Some have a list they go through every day.
Some people even drop on my blog almost every day, whereas I can't even get their page fully loaded.

I myself like to give every new blog a chance to be seen too, so I often drop from my inbox and then click the cards on the site and I find myself caught up in reading entries and commenting.
It means I'm not on every blog the topdropper I could be.

But it also means I have found a lot of interesting blogs that inspire me each day.
There are so many artists online. It's such a delight.

To I want to thank each and every one.

Topdroppers are:

Dropper # of drops 31
Computer Aid 31
SheaKoshan[dot]Net 31
Scandinavian Ways - Winesworlds blog 31
Programming Made Easy 31
Mr Soleh’s Outburst 31
For Your Health 30
Happy Moments.. Happy Thoughts! 30
Photography by KML 30
Margie and Edna's Basement 30

Thank you all!!!

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  1. I love your new format! It makes me pine for spring! (We just got lots of snow last night).


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