Tuesday, March 31, 2009

parents evening

march 31 2009

Yesterday it was time again for a parents evening.
This time a so called "table-evening".
That means that every teacher sits behind a table with two chairs and had 10 minutes to talk with the parents of the children.

We opted for 3 teachers.

It was the first time at the school of the girls and it was a pleasant experience.

The schedule was used rather tight, so there was no need to wait.

All teachers were very friendly.
They didn't make a stressed impression and all gave me the feeling they liked to teach.

How different from the school of my sons, where the teachers made me feel uncomfortable.

The girls do well.

All teachers had full confidence in them, even though one of them experiences a great sense of failure, a terrible inheritance of the school before.
She's overcoming it though, and it sure doesn't influence her schoolwork anymore.

When we went home the weather was marvellous.

From the bus I had a good look on the sunset.
A warm pink and purple spread through the sky.
Part of the festival of colors is due to the ashes and gasses of the vulcano Redoubt in Alaska.

I tried to relax as much as possible.

When we arrived home, the girls were in bed and my autistic son was already waiting to tell me everything about the time we were away.
Nothing special happened, but still he had to tell us every detail.
He speaks with a very loud voice and within minutes I had a squeaking headache.

Well, I'm glad he's finally realising he should have some form of medication to control the chaos in his head. (That'll sort out my headache out too.)

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  1. It is OK. Only smart children want to hear and know all about yourself. I think that your children want to hear and know what others are thinking about them. Are very sweet children.


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