Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No work yet.

march 10 2009
I wrote about my third son loosing his job, ::here:: and ::here::.

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Last week, after my son was told he had lost both his job and his practical training, I had a look into the law.

Not long after that I wrote a mail to the shop to protest against the way my son was treated and requested an answer not later than monday.
Usually I give 14 days to reply, but in this case I wasn't prepared to wait long.
Ofcourse I also said that when no reply would be received I would turn to the director of the whole company. (Yep, I'm a true sweetiepie. LOL!)

Most people know that a reply is also a letter stating that the mail is received and will be answered before then and then, but this guy wrote a full reply.

My son didn't loose his job...oh no... He was just told reconsider staying there.

He gave a few reasons which didn't ring a bell for my son at all, and mentioned 6 meetings to talk about his paperwork for practical training.

I always like the fact that people come with numbers.
Either they have the proof, or they don't, but think they can impress me.

Because my son like to talk.... a lot!!! (grmmmpppfffff!!!), when he comes home, I knew the meetings were limited to 1 and 1 only.

The guy from school was very reasonable and I asked him to requests the notes of those meetings.
Ofcourse they were not available.
the meetings suddenly were remarks on the workfloor. Yea!
Like my son needs to have some motivational assistance putting dogfood on the right shelf. Not after 2 years!

I sense my son was in for a promotion and they wanted to get rid of him and hire a cheaper employee.

Then the tutor of my son arrived at school and mailed that a week ago he had a talk at the shop and he was told by the same guy my son was doing very well.

In my mail I'd written that I wanted to have a meeting with this manager about my sons job, after a meeting about my son's practical work with his tutor present too.

The guy has very long toes, I discovered, because I got a mail with a rather downlooking tone, telling me he wanted a meeting as soon as possible, so he needed my phone number.

Before that he'd told me he'd been trying to call my son a thousand times, but when I asked my sons phonenumber to see whether he'd called the right number, he never gave it.
So I didn't feel any guilt when I decided not to give my phonenumber. No way I want him to ruin my days.

It was greed we would plan a meeting today.

But yesterday evening my son was really ill, and this morning he was even worse.
I called the doc and when we were preparing to go, my son fell, like a shelf, in the bathroom.
He was lucky not to hit his head against the bath.

This has happened before, when he was very tired.

So two times of the same and the way he fell and lost consciousness for a few seconds both times, made me think of something neurological.

Well, the psychiatrist will order a neurological exam when he's better. I've arranged that immediately.

After calling our doc again to cancel the appointment for today and informing work and school he's seriously ill, I transformed myself to a full blown nurse.

Now he's downstairs sleeping at the couch, so I can watch him.

I even try to enjoy the silence.
In the past he's acted like a real man when being ill, so I'm trying to prepare me for that. Tomorrow or the day after he;ll start talking again. LOL!


  1. Sorry to hear he's not feeling well. Interesting about the whole getting fired story...I wish you luck in dealing with it!

  2. Please let us know what happens with the work meeting :)


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