Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New system of commentluv

march 24 2009

I've decided to start a new system of commentluv.

Because I don't think that putting a name in the sidebar is enough attention for my most energetic commenters I decided to make a special site to express my commentluv for them.

Blogback Time

Those who comment first at posts at Laane on the World and Laane Loves, and my most frequent commenters will be honored with a post about their blog or a blogpost.

This site will also be the place where I'm going to keep the links to those who stop with entrecard, but who I want to keep track of. So don't hesitate to ask me to put you in the blogroll.
I'll be happy to do so.

I hope this new system will be more meaningful than other systems.

Come on.... it's Blogback Time!


  1. Hi! Just saw your comment on my post on Autism Sucks. Thanks! Looking forward to reading more about your family. 6 kids. WOW! Oh, and I love your twisted Barbie pics. That's my kind of sick sense of humor. See ya around.

  2. Hi Laane,

    I left you a comment on your Diabetes post. I enjoyed it very much.
    I would also love to be added to your blogroll. I will put you on mine now. Stop by when you can!


Thank you for your comment.