Friday, March 6, 2009

My son lost his job

march 6 2009

For over 2 years my third son worked at a supermarket.
He was valued very much because he worked very hard.
His ADHD helped him a lot.
"When you can't sit still, you'd better use the energy," was our motto.

This morning he arrived at his job and was told he could go home.

I sense some illegal action here.
He has been ill a few days, and to my knowledge he can't be fired because of that.
Only when a special council department has given permission that is accepted, but only when they have spoken with the employee.

They also told him that his practical work for school was stopped.
According to the rules it's not up to them to tell my son this, but up to the school.

So I'm preparing myself for a few meetings tomorrow and next week.

I'm not very happy about this, and I feel very sorry for my son who gave all he had and who loved the work.

Because of it all I haven't finished removing hand added widgets from my blog.
Last year almost every post had a certain commentwidget, and because they're out of use I'm removing them one by one.

Well, that's for tomorrow with a cup of coffee.



  1. I am so sorry to hear that, he must be so disappointed. I hope your meetings go well and maybe you can get the decision reversed.

  2. I help rais 2 step children who were special need students and now adult.

    I know the heart break oh so well. My prayers are with you and I say go after it with all of your gusto!!

    Bless his heart and I know he was trying as hard as he possibly could. I can just tell from your post.

    Hugs for both of you!!


  3. Keep us informed, Laane! Well, I am a psychologist, too. But first, we are parents and then psychologists... So, do not loose your temper. I wish you and your son good luck.

  4. I am sorry your son lost his job. It is happening to lots of people. I do think they should have to give a reason as to why he was let go.

  5. Hi Laane,

    Am sorry to hear about your son's job loss.

    These are very troubled times and employers use the least cause to enable them to reduce their Overheads.

    I hope you will be able to help him get back his job and his practical school too.

    May the Force be with you!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your son's job loss. It always seems to be the hardest workers who are penalized instead of rewarded these days. May I make a reccommendation? Keep your son involved in the process of looking into why he was fired, and the work stop from school. It not only will make him feel respected, but would boost his esteem and teach him valuable tools for later in life. Good Luck

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  8. How terrible, I wouldn't think they could just fire you like that! Hope you can get it sorted out.


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