Saturday, March 7, 2009

More details about my son loosing his job

march 7 2009
Yesterday I wrote about my third son loosing his job, ::here::.

I contacted his school and they didn't know anything about it.
My son has a short meeting on monday and after speaking with the shop I'll be invited for a meeting.
So that gives me enough time to prepare my case.

It's a famous national groceryshop, represented in almost every town, so they probably have a good legal department.
On the other hand, I've been informed about the way young people are treated and all I want to say here is that some examples make me feel sick.
When kids are not allowed to get a few hours off to say goodbye to their dying grandmother in the hospital nearby things are not OK. One can take it as a lame excuse to get an icecream or so, but the story can be verified with one call. (And I know for sure that grandmother was dying, so this is a very good example how caring they are for the people that work there, and how they don't care for the law.)

Another example is that they wanted my son to work too many hours, by telling him and me that they needn't care how much he worked there for his education.
The guy who told me so was completely wrong, and I remember reading the articles of law to him, because I had them right in front of me on the computerscreen. LOL!

I'm looking forward to an interesting meeting.

My son feels rotten, because he gave everything he had. But I told him that he can be proud of working so hard and that I think everything will work out to a situation which will be better than it was before.

He went to apply for a job in the not yet opened new shop of a bakery nearby.
They accepted his application, and he'll probably will be accepted for at least the saturdays.
When they want him for 3 days, as they said it might be the case, I'll talk with school. Maybe they'll accept the extra 2 days as educational work.

My son slept in this morning and when he was downstairs to eat his lunch he looked relaxed and a lot better.

Told you it's never boring here....


  1. This typical of big business. There seems to be no compassion anymore. That's why my blog is so important to me. I need to be the voice for those who can't speak for themselves. Nice post

  2. I have left you an award at my blog, you can pick it up when you get a chance. Thanks, Nancy

  3. So sorry about your son..
    I hope things will get better for him and yourself too..
    Wish him all the best. :)


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