Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kids are ill

March 21 2009

Twice I visited the doc this week. TWICE!

Not for me, but for three kids.

I should have gone for myself. I'm half a year late for my three month's check-up for diabetes.

First I went in with one of the boys, and yesterday I went with the girls.

One was bothered at school by the same teacher that told her a month ago or so that she was an anorexia patient.
She is thin, small and has a very pale complexion. Her grey eyes accentuate the colour of her skin.
She's just like me when I was young, so I know how you feel when people kleep on telling you that you're not healthy.
I nearly bit that teacher his head of through the mail. Boy, was he lucky I was here at my desk with a cup of coffee and not on the warpath!

I got her HB checked yesterday and it was 9.0. Perfect!!
When we came home she ate 9 sandwiches... to start with. LOL!

My other girl has been coughing and sneezing and not feeling well for two weeks now.
The doc examined her, looked at her throat, examined her lympfnodes and told us she needed some bloodwork done because it might be mononucleosis infectiosa.

That means we're getting ready (I'm ready, she's still doing all sorts of things young girls do before leaving) to go to the horspital to get her blood checked.
The doc wanted it to be done today and not on monday.

So I'm off. I hope I won't fall asleep in the bus, because I'm still tired. (my autistic boy refuses to go to sleep yesterday.)


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