Friday, March 27, 2009

I wish, I wish to be the centre of my universe for one day

march 27 2009

How nice it would be to be the centre of my universe for just one single day.

My glasses gave up.

I have three pairs.
One for nearby, to read and for the computer.
One for outside to see far away,
and one for inside the house.
The last one broke.

I feel limited in my activities now, because I can't see well doing the normal activities like cooking, making bread and such.

So, quite logical, I planned to go the the shoppingcentre first thing tomorrow morning.

And then the monitor of my autistic son's computer crashed.


I got him quiet and glued to the TV (Diagnosis Murder), but every time someone entered the room he started his whole story again and again, almost forcing the other person to listen to him.

With 5 brothers and sisters...

The last months he's speaking very loud and it starts bothering me.
Often I feel like I'm coming home from a loud rockparty, with buzzing ears.

Tomorrow morning his monitor is first on the list.
It needs to be brought to another town, so by the time I can go for new glasses it's already afternoon, or even late afternoon.
We don't have a car, and we have to get the groceries in tomorrow too.

I'm tired of all the drama.

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  1. Life changes from day to day, and sometimes, we just need a break..I hope everything works out for you today!

    I know how it feels about the glasses..


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